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Mr.Shadow Cat

I have number 9 :3

jones 5012

'fastest man on earth' did not got that one

Luke Whitten

best unused easter eggs of 2015, puts battlefield 4 into the list....


This is very sad... it almost made me cry.

Goofy Flan

The SPURS and the RAPTORS are the only teams that play DEFENSE instead of trying to outshoot them.

Spyciser Rocks



American airlines center

Jaleah Owens

You guys are awesome 🏀😎😎

Dylan Mooneyhan

Mafia 3 easter eggs coming soon?

Vanita Pindoria

i love dp

oNoVa _

wth i saw a add named smartass not lying

Plot Twister

I had to live on the streets for a while...if ya know what to do like this girl you would be living DA LIFE.

Chris Miller

Touch the fish.



Hamidi kezmt

113 ? illuminati or something

preeti Kalbande


The bigger problem that i don't know what i love

נטע בצון

Not holo!!

Noah Gallagher

Is it just me or does the drawings make you feel pissed off

Amshu Koirala

Cristiano Ronaldo


Awesome shot, but did he call bank?

Unknown One


Michelle Sithole

I thought she was tomboy

Misssh Cee

The last verse made me cry😢J.stone You got this!👏 #TMC 🏁

Nicole Peters

Imagine Cory winning a battle blur


what micraphone is that

Hadriano _Plays

God bless the people

Chaos Crasher

Oh schätze Deutschland wird 2014Weltmeister


This was the first Dude Perfect video I have ever seen

Jollu Pollu


Taylor Stirling

You guys should have a hot tub

Vice Principal: faceplam



reboot pls

After you played the truth of The Man Who Sold The World, you can zoom in the right window of the Chopper. You will see your created avatar instead of BB in the Mirror :D


Victor Pena

cant believe i never noticed the mario characters in zelda

M Bevi

Lol rip Jimmy the seal

mega pham


Seriously, gurl why don’t u at least thank your friend? Say at least one thank you because she did so much 4 you. She got u up when u were down. U even wanted to make her come with u when she wanted to study for her exams just because u wanted to do something u wanted to do. Why don’t u think of other’s thoughts instead of your own? Even at the start your friend tried to warn u about ur exams u got her back. I don’t think it’s very nice to say “YoU sTuDy aLL tHe TiMe, yOu cAn PaSs ExaMs iN yOuR sLeeP” when ur friend TRIED to get u to do what she thinks is the right thing. You don’t have to judge her by that... even when she literally cleaned ur entire room for u, u said one thank u, it sounds so sarcastic. Even when she said she wanted to study, jeez, “WhAtEveR, jUsT gOoO!! I cAn’T beLiEvE mY fRieNd LeFt mE LiKe tHis” i can’t believe u did this to ur friend! I’m not hating, I’m just saying maybe u should realize your friends and other people’s feelings are more important than your dancing...

Thomas McLeod

Not even on my radar

Leo Jiang

Whos watching 2k19

😭😭😭 I have a similar problem but it’s getting better

Mischief Managed


Bob Ruseman


me: B E G O N E T H O T

Kian O' Neo

Why did garret use his left foot?!?