How Angola's Capital Luanda became the most modern City in Africa

Luanda, the capital of Angola, is a port city on the west coast of Southern Africa. A seafront promenade known as the Marginal runs alongside Luanda Bay.Angola is a country in Central Africa rich in natural resources. It has large reserves of oil and diamonds, hydroelectric potential, and rich agricultural land.The country is bordered by Namibia in the south, Zambia in the east, and the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the north. Angola also has very close ties with Democratic Republic of Congo, Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Mauritius, Seychelles, Comoros, Zambia, Mozambique, Sudan, Djibouti, Malawi, Angola, Nigeria, Ghana, Gabon, Senegal , Egypt and Senegal among other African Countries.Internationally Angola is a key and strategic ally to the USA, Portugal, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Jordan, Israel, Mexico, Cuba, China, Pakistan, Russia, Qatar, Japan, Turkey, Israel, Ukraine, Argentina, South Korea, England(United Kingdom) and India among others.

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Pandas so brave :)

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Name of the song

Emily's Ghacha vids

Story:he like another girl,Emily

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Ty: "This is my worst nightmare."Me: "WHAAAT!?"


976534377953566432. You didn't read the number so you missed the letter I put in. You just looked to see if there was a letter but there's not

rolando’s camera roll

do a video with the Broncos quarterback

Vedant Kasargod


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Looks pretty shot tbh


you want realistic play Mafia 2 that game penalizes you for going over the speed limit

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I've seen this video 3 times now and he just keeps on getting more adorable.

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Paul Rabil your the best

"WhAtEvEr MaN"

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Him:No I stepped on a lego

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"In the near future, the UK has become a surveillance state."

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0:54 why doesn’t the table have legs?

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People, nobody knows anything. And guess what it’s hard to be well in a sick society.


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You said to comment What should we battle next so here: What should we battle next


Imagine how many attempts were needed.

From your standpoint, your marriage may seem better now, but you put your wife through an unnecessary amount of emotional duress that neither of you can erase, and you left her with the burden of childcare as well. You're even speaking for her but the moment you saw that she was an emotional wreck when you went on Tinder, you could have backtracked.

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Hey I wonder what happens if Tyler gets chosen?

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Over 30 different trailer analysis

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If that place is real I'm gonna bring your cart to the museum

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My dad works for Pepsi he delivered at he’s Factory

I mean, I’m not clingy but I will blame any problems on the relationship on myself . I grew up with the anxious type childhood but I also want my own space.

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2019: Hall 9


I love your videos bro! Keep it up c:

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Cant wait for every six year old girl to be singing this all the timeAGAIN

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“We’ve talked about everything...”


⚠ No spoilers for Endgame here ⚠

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2:35 blood

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50 million albums sold

Ryan Keane



ur not bipolar those "pills" u were eating was drugs, just stop taking them lol


I remember the MGS Peace Walker, MGS 4 & Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has them.


Anyone know the tune when he's riding the rubber duck?

The shiba Inu w/ ze bloxy spider

This is me

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Do a part 2

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Babish and YSAC uploading at once. Nice.

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Does ty ever lose?

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3:32 what is that skateboard called it is really cool


This is my favourite person from dude perfect best to worst#1 Ty #2 the rest