How God Designed Things | Stand up comedy - Vaibhav Sethia

Jokes on the design of Cockroaches and Humans, and Cats.Credits -Shoot and Edit - Nanak Bhatia ( Talking Futures)Location courtesy - Canvas laugh Club, Mumbai.Special Thanks to Anirban Dasgupta for all the help.Facebook : : :

20 year old: ferrari

Rekken and Yu

Ok now this is just insulting how blatantly Avengers-y they’ve edited this.

Me everyday


Love your work Guru as always.. Happy New Year <3 !

Wilfredo Banez

From May 2009 to 2018 To0 Subscriber's to 29 million to a House to a studioand finally.... 0 Records to Tons of records

I think NOT.


4:10 JackSepticEye ^^

Moonlight_ Lunar

Where does this take place like what country?

Kyle Mcclure

Absolutely amazing video Guru, perfect.

Martins Danisevics

good acting from both!

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Yon Wan

I need this in Spotify! (He’s a vocalist and a rapper ? LOVEEE THAT!)

Ends up being a living nightmare and everything like the movies

(Yes I know I spelled his names wrong,


I saw this and went, " Someone's confident, eh?"

Jay Nad

Man city

Giorno Joestar

This game looks amazing! I really want it now, thanks Guru! :3

Plot twist: The father is the mother but with a sex change

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why would anybody thumbs up you?

I kinda regret doing this but it is worth I

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My first final fantasy 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😱😭😭😭

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no I notice too Michael alexander

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What a story...😍😍😍😍😍


Paul went to my highschool!

Triller v3

2019 anyone?

It would make sense if she's like spreading hate and bullying someone but nooooo, you have to make her like she's a monster that doesn't deserve to be loved.

Mohammed Playz

Simons yellow color jacket definitely helped him a lot


you get a 13G achievement on the 3rd clip for going there :) i definately recommend buying the orange box! love this vid


Carmine is like Sean Bean of Gears Of War


I have wind waker on game cube

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you could make obstacle courses

Ash and Felicity Savage gaming

This made me cry and be angry because I might have that disorder

Leaf chan

People make mistakes. He fixed it. He saved his marriage and they are living happily. He is not a monster. I just don't like all this hate towards this person.

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These guys are so awesome and nice. There is always kindness in the world.

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This song is amazing


no duh dip shit, its a joke.

80 Slim Shady's

What was said about the Inuits was completely false. They are a very sick population, one of the most diseased on the planet. They have high rates of heart disease, strokes and osteoporosis, as high rates as the American population. They miss an extremely important nutrient, calcium. They don't live past the age of 60, they age very rapidly on their diet. When put on the Standard American Western diet that includes fried food, refined and processed foods their health and life expectancy improved, their health improved on the SAD diet that makes Americans diseased! That's saying something about the Inuits diet. Get your facts right before broadcasting it.

Lord Spaghetto



Archery dunk

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I came here for Ponyo😂


Isn't the guy from Pretty Much It also on Gameranx?

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6:58 look at all those chickens lol