How Similar are Spanish and Portuguese? (UPDATED!!)

How different are Spanish and Portuguese? How similar? In this video I go deep with lots of examples!Special thanks to Edu Tudela for his Spanish voice samples, and Carlos Costa for his Portuguese voice samples.Support Langfocus on Patreon current patrons include these great people:[APG]RoboCop[CL], Andres Resendez Borgia, Anjo Barnes, Auguste Fields, Behnam Esfahbod, Bennett Seacrist, Brandon Gonzalez, Brian Michalowski, Fiona de Visser, Georgina Toland, Guillermo Jimenez, Jacob Madsen, John Moffat, Matthew Etter, Michael Arbagi, Michael Cuomo, Paul Boychuk, Rosalind Resnick, Ruben Sanchez Jr, Sebastian Langshaw, ShadowCrossZero, Toki Pona, Victoria Goh, Vincent David, Yuko Sunda, Adam Fitch, Adam Powell, Adam Vanderpluym, Alberto del Angel, Alex Hanselka, Ali Muhammed Alshehri, Andrew Woods, Angeline Biot, Artur Kondrashin, Ashley Dierolf, Atsushi Yoshida, Avital Levant, Brent Warner, Brian Begnoche, Bronwyn Salton, Bruce Schultz, Bruce Stark, Bruno Filippi, Carl saloga, Chad Belcher, Charis T'Rukh, Christian Langreiter, Christopher Lowell, Craig A Stewart, Dave Orum, David Anglin, David LeCount, Diane Young, divad, Dmitry Stillermann, Don Ross, Donald and Alexandra Wycoff, Donald Tilley,Edward Wilson, Erin Robinson Swink, fatimahl, Florian Breitwieser, Frank Sellers, Frédéric Fournier, Greg Gibson, Haiko Eitzen, Hannes Egli, Harry Kek, Henri Saussure, James and Amanda Soderling,James Lillis, Jeff Miller, Jens Aksel Takle, Jerry Janowitz, Jessica Morris, JESUS FERNANDO MIRANDA BARBOSA, JL Bumgarner, Jugurtha Ait Juba, Justin Faist, Kenneth M Thomas, Kevin J. Baron, Klaw117, Kristopher Robinson, Leo Barudi, Lincoln Hutton, Lorraine Inez Lil, Mahmoud Hashemi, Marco Barcellos, Margaret Langendorf, Mark, Mark Grigoleit, Mark Kemp, Maurice Chou, Merrick Bobb, Michael Regal, Mikael Uttermalm, Mike Frysinger,Mohammed A. Abahussain, Nicholas Gentry, Nicole Tovar, Oleksandr Ivanov, Panot, Pauline Pavon, Peter Andersson,Peter Nikitin, Phoebe Churches, Pomax, Raymond Thomas, Rick Gerritzen, Rob Hoskins, Robert (Bob) Dobbin, Robert Sheehan, Roland Seuhs, Ronald Brady, Scott Fujan, Scott Irons, Scott Russell, Sergei Tikhomirov, Sergio Pascalin, Sergios Tsakatikas, Sierra Rooney, Simon Blanchet, Sophia-Rose Marron, Spartak Kagramanyan, Steeven Lapointe, Stefan Reichenberger, Suzanne Jacobs, Sven Onnerstad, Theophagous, Thomas Mitchell,Tryggurhavn, veleum, William O Beeman, yasmine jaafar, Zhiyuan Shi, Zsolt Márta, Éric Martin, and 耳血.MusicIntro: “Foundation” by Vibe Tracks, "Mean Streetz" by MK2.Main: “Erykah” by Otis McDonald.Outro: "Chill Day" by Lakey Inspired.

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I have never played, seen, or even heard of #5 The Witcher 2, but litterally within the first second it popped up, I knew the reference was going to have to do with Assassin's Creed. Also #6 does not count because Max is a Jedi.


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