Hypnotized High School 2019 - The Induction - YouTube

For the 17th year, the amazing Advanced Placement Psychology students at Park Vista High in Boynton Beach, Fl. asked Anthony Galie to explain "Altered States" to them and do a demonstration of hypnosis. Here is the induction. And just for the record, none of it is faked in any way. www.anthonygalie.com

Queen Leja

Always something in nyc 😫




1:36 but that life saver is green and big but the vid right after shows a tiny red one

Fayleure Fayleure

Hey! You probably won’t see this, but, can you pleaseeee make a video about Trigeminal Neuralgia?? It’s one of (if not THE most) painful thing a person can experience, and hardly anyone knows about it!

Where is Petscop 2

Oh woooooow. This is sooooooo sad. You got called ugly. What are you ever going to do? It's almost as if not everyone likes you. Your ego is really showing.

maria martinez

1:56 wait so kreppel boutta become ko soon !?!?

RV Alone

Sorry Cory

Queenza Cataleya Catrisca


Bee Beesley

Lele this is so AMAZING i rly wanna see a film based on this❤

paxton cottrell

Nice win Coby on the last episode


Were y’all in beaver creek or Vail?

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why was there a poster of hotline miami???



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Make a Korean bbq taco!!!!

Hutson van

I'm not part of make a wish but I would absolutely love to make a video with y'all

Subhasish Deori


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Thisguy has the best day ever

101 Skully

What a complete sadist😒



I'm afraid that my parents would think I'm being paranoid😭😭😭

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I am a tomboy but I hate sports. That is why I'm not 100%

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Wait do you release the sharks after! Please please do!

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I'm a depressed iKONIC, supporting TWICE...

Real me - we are in this state from last 3 year


I Love The last easter egg

Michael Sandoval


ItzMeRinai xX

I wanted to say a joke with this and my rejection but this is to sad to do that

bii ning

It's so funny. How can she call him a jerk when she is one who is wrong... What a girl

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Canada all the way

Dreams do to come true

Thomas Hyslop

It baffles me how there's not a single positive comment for miles, and yet 88% of people want you to keep the video up???


Lord of the rings no longer work. Dx

Would be caught in the way you got me https://youtu.be/H8AgNgpoqdA

Oren Bush

Incredible job Guru! I think the Beetlejuice one was the coolest. Can't wait to see what other Easter Eggs you can find :)

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