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Check out our latest video Idiots At Work Compilation! - *YOU LAUGH YOU LOSE!*, watch how future out of work employees slip, trip, fall and prank each other in the office and on job sites. Try not to laugh or cry! I have also included some cringe-worthy content for your enjoyment. Check out the best Battery Reconditioner on the market and start saving $$$$'s today! Recharges every type of battery! Limited time special offer!! ➡️➡️#workfails #baddayatwork Disclaimer: Some of these links go to affiliate links where I'll earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Roberto Bernal




Jains Gain

Sjws and Feminists have claimed this game is racist. Absolute joke

Anisah Fauzie

This is great.


1:42 that face

yessenia Benitez

What's the song called I like it👌👍❤️😊

Param Shekhar

But why?!?!?!!???

shweta pawar

It was ok ok


But why

Alex the big guy

Strangers things is fake

Faisal Nauman

Justin Bieber


Where do you get all these Easter Eggs. Are you founding them or did some one told you.

Théo Nottez

Badass creeper ! xD

A. N.


Tzvi Feigenson

It's fake

Reaper Sonic

Ok so you have a child then marriage?????

Dolores Quiroz

How about you try Giant Baseball trick shots

The whatever Channel Zoe

I felt super uncomfortable when the bikini fell off

Snazzyant 50137

I think I’m a team Cory Fan

gavha_ neko_nyaa

How about that doctor?

Joshua Jacquez

Lil Tjay: “Am I A Joke To You”

Errohl Miller

🏓You guys are so cool😱




Wailord: am I a joke to you

The real beast Mode

4000 comment

Cade Hawkins

That's the reason why Benn is the captain


How about building more in direction of the inland ?:D


Hey ty how does darthvader like his toast. On the dark side.

Vladosik Play

руские в перёд уррррррааааааа!!!!!!!!

Joni Google user

Love your new merch!! Awesome. Next manicure idea should be jawbreaker splatter color!!


Shout out my channel

Bluegirl120000- robloxuser

Omg I cried

Isabella Lara


Ali Sheeraz

Minor drug problem

Crouching Tiger

Videos are always great, but so is the music too! Thanks for always posting links to the music man.

Felix Dyadyuk

Best DP video

Sumeet Brahmawar

I love this guy

Skilled Shots

Good soccer skills


кто не лох тот подпишиться на мой канал

Sharms Callueng

she's a filipino

jessica reindel

The slingshot was best


Poor Bijuu Bijuu,.......

Homested Mechanic

Did you ever hear the one about Kobe and JackAnyway it's really cheesy


Hey, What do you have to say?.... that's nice (and continues video) lol

Trevor Hammond



0:46 knees weak arms are heavy mom's spaghetti

skylar jean

it sounds nasty but it might be cool to have more than one parent in the world

Marc DanYT

we need polo g and lil tecca on a track

Izzy 123

Anorexia is a disease

Harnam Manglani

Badminton trick shots

That’s what I would do

Shaylee K

He is a good guy tbh, after all she did he still took her in! She is the jerk.

Watch the Star Wars The Old Republic trailers maybe. Imagine what a game that would be! Modern graphics first person etc. Ah but Disney probably excluded that from Cannon the same way they threw out all the other cool stuff.