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HD please :3-----lakorn: Majurat See Nampueng (episodes 1-11)actor/actress: Ken Theeradeth, Namtarn Pichukkanasong: Mirrors (Jason Chen) [pitch change]-----Note: Another MV for this couple, they deserve it. Episode 11 was wayyy too cute. Ken and Namtarn are too sweet and are definitely one of my favorite couples. The way Ken looks at Namtarn in that dazed way is too perfect. Also, the hug scene -- that is honestly one of my most favorite scenes ever in the whole wide lakorn world. The emotions, especially Ken's are all too ... asdfghjkl; ... woow, just a perfect scene.This lakorn will be ending soon, aww. Seems like it just started.So yup, this MV is focused on the sweet side of their relationship rather than the fighting side like my last two videos.& gosh, I love Jason's voice so much. He's incredible.Explain the editing for this vid.Simple, simple, and simple :)Would you recommend this drama?Give it a shot, wontcha? I absolutely adore it.-----Final thought:Thanks for watching, all you angels! Have a wonderful day & smile!=========================DISCLAIMER: ALL VIDEOS BELONG TO THEIR OWN RIGHTFUL OWNERS. I do not own any of these videos. They belong to their own rightful owners.


That was totally amazing Frisbee and Basketball = double trick shots 👍


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Owen Teelin

This was one of the first vids I watched for DP. Feels like just a week ago. Have watch every vid since love the content

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What about the vomit Easter Egg? In the camo viewer, spin Snake around a bunch and after about 10-20 sec of spinning fast, exit. He pukes.


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