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Thomas Higgins


Crystal GAMER

let see how many likes can i get Definition (a broad-spectrum semisynthetic penicillin, closely related to ampicillin but better absorbed when taken orally, used especially for ear and upper respiratory infections.)

EthanDolan GraysonDolan


Guns, And fun

Hate Jp aka Jake Paul

Can I teleport?

Sam Reece

they should make a dunk contest

Skydoeskill YT

I wish he found that teacher.

Taylor Lacy

Classic bill belichick answer


Thank God it's over

Brianna M2

I like the sans shirt

Magdalena Bednarczyk

I understand the point of the video, but I don't think you can make a victim of someone who doesn't respect other people. I would also like to know what she meant by "not agreeing with the LGBTQ community", because comparing it to something like religion is just incorrect .


don't take anything for granted it hurts the most when you lose that thing or person

Heather Head

i think that that sandwich is from Stan's and it is ??????

Nemesis Chan

Shows that we don't need pride in America.

Vault Dweller

Loved That Dark Souls Bit Great Video As Always Guru !



Bruh get a therapist

jazzy M0re


Muhammad Abdullah

Where do you get the thermocol airplanes

Alex Wales

Call it the flying hooper

Millie Pepin

makes you realise the insane amount of work that went into this legendary game


OMG.....I can't believe these views. Meanwhile A.C.E is struggling to get 3 million for 'under cover' after 3 weeks : (

parwana safari

Some hospitals won’t help you if you didn’t have have money like seriously A FREAKING HUMAN BEING LIFE IS IN DANGER AND YOU PEOPLE THINK OF MONEY? Money is just a freaking piece of paper , yeah maybe it will cost you ,or you might have problems but nothing is more important then a human life

Caroline Linn

God this is Thai I realized at the end

Vaehlife 4848

Give Chandler another chance!

Says 14 months of treatment

A J.21

Wtf is this video so boring 💤

Hockey Ninja



5:44 no hand shake for you cory


Why did this make me feel nauseous?

GodsWarrior 1715

The noodles are not even noodles

Ateez is Everywhere

the gap is getting closer guys please don't forget to vote every day

Skat Bird


actszz a

I don't get the story


Just didn’t happen did it

My Brother Has Asthma,

Hamil Sin


GIanmarco Sossai

4:37 fuck the radio ;-; you forgot the radio

p r e c i o u s m e l o d i e s

He's so mean, heartless and cruel? Well, isn't that you? Ungrateful girl. 😤


This is such b*ll sh*t Guru. I mean it's like the replica of Gameranx's video. I liked your videos but don't copy other people's content, cuz if you do then I'll unsub.

Dapple grey Equestrian

You don't understand it, it's like being and astronaut stuck in space alone. You can't just tell them, it isn't that easy.

Ayden Russell

Ayden. Tnevwtorusth

DreamyGirl Meow

Friendzone oof


Atomic Gaming

They are the best and can I remind you that they had 24mil sub and now they have 25👍🏻

williwonka howdy

I was in a mental hospital for 6 years before I finally got clean, and I am happy to announce that I am officially 1 year sober in 3 days 😀

Mark Koontz

20 bounces!

Coby 1!!!

HeiIs Flying


Zachary Rhinehart

3:13 who else noticed Tyler

Diego Medellin

How did you get the gold pistol?