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Atypical Interview questionsWhat type of person you are?INTROVERT/EXTROVERT/AMBIVERT2. Have you ever failed in life?Quitters never win & winners never quit.3. Give an example of your ……. SkillsCollege time presentation / Head boy / etc.4. What are your career goals?Short term goals & Long term goals.5. What kind of people do u like to work with? Glass half full & half empty An ounce of loyalty is more than a pound of cleverness6. If more than one company selects you?Working environment – Growth - skills development – Respect for first one.7. On a scale of 1 to 10, rate me as an interviewer?Everybody craves for appreciation – pay sincere compliment – METHODICAL / ANALYTICAL/THOROUGH Don’t give a numerical rating8. Name 5 things that motivate you?Creative work/ Daily challenges / Encouragement / recognition/ Achievements.9. What you are doing to improve yourself?Meeting positiive persons/reading/Accept long route.10. What suggestions do you have for our organization?Gather adequate information / Products & services knowledge / Sensible suggestion in moderate manner.

I didn't know what to write I consider myself as a separate person and kinda strange.

Crime Z.

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And what I found to be the worst is that you constantly backtrack on every single thing you say.

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I was in an emotionally & verbal abused friendship but I ended months ago & I’m not taking my ex best friend at all because she had said so many hurtful things to me & I’m better off without her

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*Emotional voice speaking about how her family is sick and close to dying* Vid Producer: Now let's add some upbeat music to it! :D

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