Is There a List of TPR Words?! TPR Intro and Examples - YouTube

There are so many TPR worthy words! I introduce TPR and give some examples in Part 1 of my TPR videos. I will be covering Room Items, Family, Sit/Stand, Buy, Pass the Tray, Name, Greetings, How Old?, Grow. LINK to VIPKID hand motions: 2- 3-

Huy Gia Phạm

How to be racist toward urself

Sunil Shirshikar

I want to make a rocket need some help I don't know what rocket scienceis

Jaqueline Juarez

Are super awkward long intros their thing? Also why are they always shouting?


Wow. In the second Easter egg I thought it was meant to be two guys who robbed the bank at point lookout (hence why it was broken into prior to the bombs falling) but wow. That is very much a reference to that movie. I have never seen it before but that Is very cool! Love you videos, man.

But as I got older everything changed...

Lexa Pratama

Haallo im from indones


2:37 Just a normal day in duos

Adam Nelson

Ice fishing

Have a good day

Caleb Yazzie

happy Easter guru

Eri Keeper

Supa fast

RaDiaNt NZ

idk Morgan freeman

bruhmomento _21

Modern music sicken me bruh

Drew Playz

javis landry


Loneliness is an essential, fundamental motivator I think.

Asher Stone


“Was i a good builder?”

nicolas klacs

Now I want sum fukin Oreos😭😭

I’m in love

Joshua Sikorski

i am such a big fan of you guys

Karyssa Tuttle

Try having depression, anxiety, autism, and ADHD.😟

Dashcam Dumbasses

Honestly fuck these fans. These are two top notch fighters in their own respect so why boo Ferguson? I get it, Cowboy is a really likeable person and Tony is more of a take it or leave it type but these fans are way too uneducated and emotional.

Dovid Deitsch

Fuller ain't a word

Annabella P

I’m playing with slime


Red dead redemption

Coco Puffs

Not gonna lie Fallen Order looks and play like Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor

Paulo henrique dos santos junior

Muito fofa a cachorrinha

Why do you care?

I feel like his hair keeps getting a lighter shade of brown

Jason Lauducci

When Elsa has Frost Walker boots


what if the tire has space for 30 in rims?

ibrahim benchabane

Erubiel Montiel Navarrete

God's Plan

Faith Maher

I was born to a seventeen year old mother who was only seventeen years old



it feels like a knife stabbing into your stomach


Do sushi from isle of dogs


im hot


I think i’am gonna take this car today ?

Darie //

Funny eastereggs :D

Dragons Master

Doesn’t excuse the fact that rock dude is a fucking moron.



Shadow Ninja 117

Connect four

Lupul Mare si Rau

66th like!!!!

Ansel G

Not even one minute



Mico Mallari

I just noticed that Alienware was mentioned in that cargo thingy in 4:33

Raymond Kaniaupio

Yay he posted!!!

Me: Gonna kill everyone on tge flight. oooooffff