Welcome to Part 4 of my 6 part series on How to Teach English Online with Italki! If you have recently become a Professional Teacher or Community Tutor on Italki, you may be worried about getting started, as there is a lot to learn!I've been teaching intermediate to advanced ADULTS online (not Chinese children) with Italki since 2017 after completing a 120hr TEFL with and have been travelling full-time for over 2 years. It's a fantastic way of sustaining yourself in the form of an income stream as a Digital Nomad. Alternatively, you may simply be looking to work remotely or from home.In this video we cover LESSON MATERIAL & LESSON PLANNING, what to think about and consider when beginning your teaching journey and more!Stay tuned for further videos on pricing, lesson material, trial lessons, advanced students and potential problems. You can check out my Teaching Online playlist at - PLAYLISTS🔴🔹Check out my Mexico Playlist including videos from Teotihuacan, Chichen Itza, Isla Holbox and so many areas of Mexico City!for Watching! The aim of The Tao of David (formerly First World Traveller) is to provide an honest (sometimes brutally honest) take on the Travel and Digital Nomad world which is often missing from Travel YouTube channels. I provide useful information on Long Term Travel, Solo Travel, Digital Nomad Life, Things to Do, City Basics and finally to be a role model for anyone looking to pursue a similar life, devoid of society's expectations!🔹Don't forget to like my Instagram at the link below.Check out my Instagram - tao.of.david or to my Patrons Hidhir, Tim, Cynthie, Kieran, Ian, Laura, Eva, George, Shirley, Tracy, Daniel, Luis, David & Ken for supporting me on my journey. 🔹If you would like to become a Patron, check out the link below - 🔹You can also donate via Paypal - MONEY!💲💲🔶Get £25GBP off your first stay with Airbnb! - £15GBP off your first booking - $10 credit towards your first Italki lesson! - for Watching!🔹What do I film with?Samsung J7 NeroOsmo Mobile 1 StabilizerWondershare FilmoraRemember to like, leave a comment, share on your social media and it would be great if you could subscribe! Hit the little bell to get a notification on your phone when I upload a new video! Thankyou!😎Business e-mail - For Accommodation Reviews, Product Reviews, Sponsored Videos, Tour Company Reviews, Collaborations and more please contact me at #TeachEnglish #DigitalNomad #Italki #Travel#VisitMexico #thetaoofdavid-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Please watch: "🇲🇽 ZACATECAS, MEXICO | DAVID and the GREAT GLASS TELEFERICO! | CERRO de la BUFA | ZACATECAS PART 1"


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