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They met in different occasions and it was only last year that, in our ABSCBNLifestyleInspo's words, really "synced." Yet, it's the kind of girlfriendship that is synonymous to #goals! Meet the fab four comprising Kiana Valenciano, Lauren Reid, Andrea Luis, and Nadine Lustre. Each of these total babes is a hot property on and off social media for a variety of reasons. Kiana lets us in on their closeness—including the (kinda) dirty details behind their beautiful bond! #Jadine #Jadine💜#JamesReid #NadineLustre#TeamReal #LaurenReid ©abscbnlifestyle

Todd Gorman


Jae x

How was this worse?

Every Bar Ever

Dj X Beat

Fuck you too😂

LeoA CroatiaInLove

2018 enybody?

Them was my sandbox niggas like I been with 'em since birth

Wolfy And AJ

I’ve had all these people 😅

Ranu Gamer

I like a dip n flip

hazzathe pro


Adelita Tamayo

How about your mom did she go crazy in prison how about go and meet her pls


Some how I thrown the ball really slow and got a strike in Wii bowling it was amazing

cool trick's

We should call the trick shot the arrow ball shot

zark Ice

La chica de el video se parece a tokyo de la casa de papel

Xterem Soccer

If lil skies wasn’t in the track it would be Garbage

Jack Mcgrath

i wish i was panda


Jak 3...good times...

trace firebaugh

where do they get those


i thought easter eggs were refrences


the IFHY was perfect

Kaya Pratt

well my grandpa died today soooo yeah, maybe I am a bit depressed

Aman Bereket

Tony don't feel bad, such type of things happen unintentionally when you are on adrenaline.


Anyone else think Jason should have done a trickshot with a water bottle


they should play in the Nba thumps up if you agree

Ahaha Wow I

About a week ago I was larghing at my mum and joking with her saying I’m never having a period and saying it’s funny that she has hers but a week later I got it now I hate it

Jah Gang

We need all dragon ball games like this but this game it seem that we can only be goku judging on the title of the game

deliler deliler

Can you show pandas face please

Pia Dylan

and what if this seems normal for me to feel this way ? (I’m not diagnosed btw I wanted to talk to my parents but even my friends said it’s normal for a teenager to feel this way)

Adam Bien

What are your favorite video games?


keep up the great work my dude

Janet García

I could’ve used that money to pay my school so I can finally attend Memorial Sloan Kettering’s radiation therapy program 😩😭

I Am Savage

film with mike trout

This video I

Genki Matsukawa

If the sea water comes up to Wall St then money monsters would finally realize it.


Hi Guru, 👇

Paul Rohaut

We love you too, Guru


their reactions are so fake now...

The taller you are the higher you get in society. So the shortest people would be discriminated against. While the taller you are the higher rank you would get. So basketball players would be president of the USA, and China. Short people would all be on the dole, or slaves.

Muskan #SuperLegendaryLegend

What song was in the background?


What is the name of the song at 00:58?