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#JayCutler #Cutler #PiotrekBoreckiJay podczas swojego rajdu po Europie promującego linie suplementów sygnowaną Jego imieniem, zawitał również do Polski :) Nasza ekipa miała przyjemność spotkać się z Jay'em i porozmawiać w Wrocławiu.A wyniki owego spotkania możecie prześledzić na tym filmie :) During the route promoting Jay’s line of supplements, he visited Poland as well. Our team 6PAK.tv had pleasure in meeting him and having a nice conversation.You can see all this watching this film.Fanpage: BODYPAK: z odżywkami:

Laurxn Playz

That is creepy at 1:27 when she said “I heard you say that at 12:28 pm” it was 12:28 PM where I live😱

Dusty !


Ryan Daggett

What's the dinosaur mode? I haven't heard of it before.

System BMX

for the expcalibur I am on the same exact mission

Pilar Gómez Nuñez

love how they were impressed with graysons second essay but that was not expository so its completely wrong lmaooo

Jono Low

Best youtuber confirmed #1million

Shelby Peters

So exciting! ♥️♥️


Recently i was trembling to death and i have trouble in breathing because i was so scared and nervous . But then i cry cause i find its really hard for me to control myself and im useless . Is that consider as panic attack ?

Magnolia Wallflower


Micilo 419

Quality > Quantity



The excitement is real but hopefully If the remaster goes well we get a remake

godslayer ,

I am so CHILL

Drew Smith

Stop ruining wheel u fortune fro thumbnail and it show the person too

Studio Studios

1:47 pretty sure that’s from another videoNot dude perfect

Michelle Perez



Cool video! Even better soundtrack. Parabelle!

Noah Patton

what do the red light say to the green light ............ don"t look i"am changin................................i want that tshirt please

Dan Capstrimb


mia Abrams

Unfaced yam first good morning this video is so awesome I'm going to like it like 300 times


Looks good.


More of theese PLEASE

Da Boiz

I almost cried until I saw the comment section

Miguel Jimenez


Kelly Flake

I had to watch a minute eloquis add befor watching this

Mr. Bird


Ryan Azeem

Me : Wow hopefully we'll get new information about what is going on in this movie! Directors: NoMe: What do you me-Directors: No

Strawberry Chan

Who else use to watch ponyo as a kid, I still watch it and now I understand what it says without the subtitles cause I watched it a lot of times uwu


this is the first video with 0 dislikes ive ever seen!! But not the best one....

Piggnatti’s Loot

This is kinda how my dad is 😔😔😔

Da Bozz

I’ve never played golf before...

Lucky Leah

I absolutely LOVE the art style of this one. It's probably my favorite. So what if it’s the wrong channel

Dennis Oliquiano

This is where all the sounds from the dp game 2



Filipe Faria