Jhoriye Dao | SHUNNO | Fuad Al Muqtadir | RB Pritom | Official Music Video | Partho | Dipty - YouTube

Closeup presents SHUNNO - Jhoriye Dao ft. Fuad Al Muqtadir Lyrics: Michael GomesTune & Composition: SHUNNOAdditional Voice: Tashfia Sui TashfeeVideo Production: Redpad StudioDirector: RB Pritom

Dawn Enderle

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Emily Morris

Okay i have a confession.... I am 100% one of those people that believe music is like candy and you throw away the rappers but.... Oh my god I LOVE this song!!!!❤💞😍🎶🎵🎧

Tīred Dāily

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BR BlitzBall

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