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What could go wrong when playing a couple's party game? Maybe someone coming out as gay?Watch Key & Peele's funniest sketches: or find links to the full sketches featured below!Subscribe to Comedy Central: more: Meet Luther: more: Obama The College Years: more: Obama's Anger Translator: out the Comedy Central UK website:


This song is actually insane

hajar bendahhane

الياجا من عند ميسا يصف جنبي

dante shadow

Another good one guru: 3 , i had no idea about these Easter eggs!?. Btw The assassin's creed one was my favorite:).


LOOOL 0:48poor guy

That one guy

C.O.O.L :)

Sweaty Palms

Loved the video, the songs, and especially that hr made a playlist of all the songs, love this channel so much

jerry yeoun

Dp i love your video

Dr.DumbReveiws 1




Bellatrix Lestrange

This is a very inspiring story and that’s rich coming from me

Nerd shadow


Jesse Lovato

Better song+better clips+better guys=Better video Dude PerfectHorrible song+clips that don't make sense+people no one knows=Terrable Video YouTube Rewind


Get it? Some dude stole the idea of the top comment?.... And it goes explaining what we already know?........ And all to get thumbs up and attention?........ANYONE?!

Uzayr Jaleel

9 views, 80 comments, strange😂😂




Danie Azcona



@natsumo123 guess again dude


2018 anyone?

ambali sankanu

3:02 hes cheated i saw a credit card hitting the glass bottle

creative and gaming tech



I think this season was on the same level of the third one (so pretty good), but 1 and 2 are way better


I think the mummified corpse is a ganon from earlier in the timeline possibly oot ganon or demise

xx Katherinexx

OK so I think she is from Thailand cause the school uniform is like that

jocelin amigon

My dad is cheating on my mom

Teid (flip it around)

Tahir Hendrick Sharma

not date good video!

Shizzy Puff

Mia should have seeked help from the police or her friends parents or the teacher that trusted her instead of relying on drugs and being a runaway.

The Blaze 20

It looks like tyler was like finding pieces of catapult parts

Mehmet Akif Çalışkan

Music Easter Video Eggs

Pevin K.

wirklich - ihr jetzt auch auf den antiveganzug aufgesprungen? wie wär's mit der frage, wie schlimm "fleisch" (getötete lebewesen) für den planeten sind, oder wie diese lebewesen gequält und umgebracht werden?

Laurin kirkko Pöyhönen

yes he should


ur the best!

That0neDream •w•

i hate being an introvert since my family thinks there’s something wrong with me -.-