Key & Peele - Mr. Nostrand's Big Mistake - YouTube

Mr. Nostrand's speech to his students is cut short by an uncomfortable moment.


Looks fake but still loves these guys


lol owned 2:06

Veronica Lawson

It's not your fault. You had no idea. I doubt he would have been remorseful back than ethier. It's his fault for cheating. He will soon realize he made a horrible mistake.

Man;takes phone back and runs away crying


The Battlefield Friends Easter Eggs is the most annoying one,and EA put so many of it.


I feel so bad for you i mean a robber broke into my house but I wasn’t there grandma was there so my mom called the police from the country we were in. Luckily they got the guy but this is nothing compared to her story


1:06 Fox Mulder would be proud.


U a good youtuber. I apreciate u

Millza Games

I’m 12 and has passed out many times :( 2 at school 5 at home but I haven’t gone to the doctor and it all started when I was 7

Antoine Reys

You do always a great job and you are my favorite channel on Youtube, from far, your work is very impressive !

Matthew DeCarli

What is that shot 4:30

shona pyorre

i love football.

Candy Kane

I’m allergic to pollen from trees, what seems that be grass, watermelon, bananas, strawberries, all types of treenuts.. Oof

Kaleb Smith

That sniper elite skin left 4 dead 2

H⃣ E ᑎ я Y͎

I just realised I'm wearing a Chelsea jersey😂😂😂

Angelica Schuyler Church

I guess they never... oh wrong title


Odd how I had just finished watching FMA

Emø Army

She is diagnosed with cancer and she's scared of losing her ..... Hair?

Me- witch dollar tree should I got to

4% don’t want to get married/do S3X


My Cabbages!!!!

KrankZeGhost K

I wonder how many viewers are girls 🤔


Brayan Torres

Roses are red pratriots wear blue Tom Brady lost to nick Foles in super bowl 52

Orlando Longo

u forgot the destiny´s loot cave buddy


no problamo, my good man :)

But in all seriousness, everyone needs school, or you'll be making spelling mistakes that are outright embarrassing....

No Limit Trick Shots

Dude Perfect=Ricardo Jr.s

Moon Slut

Im in a relationship where i dont have a partner aka single

Lucas Deng

Team TY

Doctor Jones

You show the grenades, but you don't bother to show them in action... What the fuck.


🎶 The spirit of Massachusetts is the spirit of America the spirit of what's sold in what's new the spirit of Massachusetts is the spirit 🎶

Sarimanok Vlogs

So where's the part Elsa become a Lesbian?!

Alejandro Jiménez

awesome video as always my friend, you're the best :)

Anna Hegwer


Aubergine Man

Ken Cho


Tariq Omer

Why does ty always win

Igor Doria Andrade



You win next time coby


Sonic: Makes a live action movie

I share a birthday with Kermit and i couldnt be happier

Ryan Yee

Watching in 2018