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A Hindi Romantic Heart Touching Song By Pradeep SonuSun Soniyo Studio - Studio VersonSong - Sun SoniyoSinger - Tarun Panchal -- Renuka PanwarWriter - Pradeep SonuEdit & Camera - Dhruv TyagiLabel & All Copyright.....Paarth Music #SunSoniyo#HeartTouchingSadLoveStoryBalai bhadra face book link :bhadra Twitter link : entertainment present another video link :1. .. . .... ....Business EnquiriesMobile: 8442889080 /8637890477+ whatsapp :8637890477Please Whatch This VideoLike * Comment *share * & subscribe for more videos


whats up with the giants that sucks

Jack Thomas

Sub to me

Tori Simmons

Praying for you!!!! I know God will heal you, whether here on earth or in Heaven. Either way, you’ll be healed.

Siddharth M.

this is 70% basketball20% Baseball10% teebal

Soham Jadhav

Germany 🇩🇪🇩🇪

Sanket Chaudhari


Asian Mouse


Kween Kodine

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Anuradha Naidu

Triple ricochet wood ballon buster

Earendur Von Einzbern

I don't like short tempered people however, the art work and, narrative are quite good.

Dylan Sharman

First time i saw marata hit the targrt


I got the reference, I just didn't want to put it in.

Rachel Sutton

i love Kookie so much, i cant wait to go see him and the rest of the boys

Sky Fox

Nice, nice.. you treat your employees well.. don’t forget the slave labour Starbucks exploits and everyone overlooks

Tom Jervis

it shows they have a sense of humor

Tyson Danescu


NvS s

Who is watching in 2017 or 2018?

derian Martinez

u know that u can also use it on the demon carts

Matīss Pudulis

Get Keanu Reeves for Hot Ones!

EraZer Unleashed

1080p 60FPs hurraa

Marcus Cheng

In the name of Jesus, may this satanic film flop hard and receive a Razzie.

RoadSide Gamer

Rudy u were living alone and you had to wash 8 to 10 plates daily...


Don't really get all the "out of context" stuff, wether it's true or not, don't really care. I acctually enjoyed the video and I got a good chuckle out of it, good work Guru. :3


I’m 5’2” and this is my whole life

Giovanni Mitchell

I just noticed that Cody asked his mom for orange juice when he was brushing his teeth!!!!!

Vishal Sitapara

It looked like tic-tac-toe


love the vids

Elijah Low

yeah make a video of all ur failures

Emmanuel wondwossen

Happy Birthday 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


I love the avatar trap remix

Blackfire Dragon

But seriously how many of these sharks were caught twice? This is how many⬇️

Went through the pain, now I'm lettin' loose

Saminul Haque

physics has left the chat


He was only 12 bounces away from 420


More vids :D

Mei Mastenbroek

Who else is from Europe and has no idea what ‘march Madness’ is?



Maxwell Barrett


Nicholas Whalen

Blake GriffinBig fan of Dude Purfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Junoh Jang

How bout dude perfect vs avengers

Paul Weeden

I’m wondering if you guys would have done it blind if you would have been able to guess correct and if the scores would have been the same

Ivo Gamer


Eva Love

What school is this? I mean, my school was pretty much like most that my friends went to, and anyone who was out, was heavily bullied. Some even treated like a predator. There was a girl that others just referred to as "the lesbian" .... No clue which girl they were even referring to, but they made it seem like she wanted to fuck anyone in a skirt. Which, I would of been down for.

Shes gay.

Rahul B.

Warning: the LORD has entered the facility!

N00B Down


alex 117



Who the fuck find all this easter eggs? Is amazing!



“...But I FUNK it.”



Kaity JR.

I'm the hot sand person