Kids And Dad Are Like Five Little Monkeys Jumping On Inflatable Chairs Nursery Rhymes by Chiki Piki

Kids and dad play Five little monkey . Dad sings Johny Johny yes papa . Kids are tired and dad lies them to sleep with Are you sleeping songmusic by - Standard license

Cayden Nixon

The first round was I'm so fancy we already know

Nightlorddemon Gangster


xavier benoit

Rip to that dog he will be in dog heaven but u going to HELL HELL

TheRealKingTV 2x

Who thought the red thing in his hand was a popsicle

Giuliana Freudenthal Flores

Pekka dead

Bradley Hayward

epic ride !!!

Ellaine Ferrer

The world is so cruel, and I wished everyone loved each other. But then again, I realize friendships and relationships wouldn't be so special knowing that everyone loved each other.

Logan Holliday

Liam looks like Bryce Harper.

Bro this is on YouTube now, watch the views roll in...NOT A SECRET ANYMORE

Russ Narze

im sorry james... i dont wear my seat belt..

Noah Ray


kyle garvin

Coby is the clown busta


Youtube:2010 no2020 not yet2030 naaaahhh2058 no time2078 maybe maybe not3027 ok fine its been a centuries!!!!

Connor Mettille

Garret really got a hold of that one


do a battle hockey where cory vs coby and ty announcer

Keep up the good work, still love your videos, even this one ;-)

The dab crew Maali family

3:54 Tyler goes crazy


Dj khaled is shit though

Frances Lacuesta

This the girl

Lien Huynh


Shawnna Bireley

Did she say math or mass??

Luke Peppard

dragon plate

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Dude perfect I like how much hockey vids you makeand + my cousin says let's go STARS

You've undergone some extreme mental gymnastics to make "This is an enhanced Ditto" = "Ditto is a (failed) clone of Mew".

erik nilsson

Nice. Now sleep

isaac Bluer 16

2019 anyone?

8 = Optimistic🏆

Power 982Gaming

panda wins