Lahiri Lahiri Lahirilo |20th June 2019 | Full Episode No 232 | ETV Telugu

Lahiri Lahiri Lahirilo ..........

SansyMansy 2.0

Hearing this story fills you up with DETERMINATION


7:00 LOL "I wish you were HD"

Long hair😃


Frolo vs handsome Jack, it's too perfect.

Noir FOS

Ok but Peter is Gen Z not a millennial

sekuy mulyadi

Chandler is a straight up pussy


i was born 2 months early :)

Edit:I thought this before I saw video


they should try to get them all by throwing it in backwards?

Erin’s day job is CEO of the “Moon truthers” corporation


🎤Your so fancy, you already know, I'm in the fast lane, from LA to Tokyo!🎶

SCP Foundation

I will end you!

Ethan Daniels

Eagles legs r ugly af


Indonesia mana suaranya...


Maybe those Hannibal "easter eggs" aren't Intentionally, but the creators were just inspired by it?


Donald Bagwell

Kody looks the most like his pops

Terrence Clark


Louis Mitch

who is panda

Ugh Girl

this is the stupidest reason ever to have depression


Do you enjoy looking at memes that bear dankness?

King Mareo

My nigga on his way ONG on fo on all them niggas 🔥🔥💪🏾😈


In payday 2 they thought "if they use our masks we'll use their whole map"

Dime TheDude

Me and my partner are both anxious type

Meat Emperor

It's le-soo-two

susie Dude that was 2min and 6 seconds lester

I can do a backflip in a foam pit

Nicole Cole

I want to be just like all of you when I’m older! Your amazing but wats more amazing is I was aloud to subscribe and get dp merch


Dont' you just Loooove Satan :-D


Garret and the imvinsible rope😂

PresetWolf 1

Two easter eggs u missed: 1. In the scene where Peter is watching the Civil War footage with Giant Man in it and there's those pictures of famous scientists above the teacher, the picture on the far right is Dr. Bruce Banner (a.k.a. Hulk).

M. V.

+FunWithGuru what about that DIC Jam tho?

hbukh jhbui

He’s hurt again it’s over,Lmaoooooo golden state is finished without him,Lmaoooooo he was carrying those bumbs

BrookieDa Cookie

I thought the title was “5 minutes” and not “5 months” and I was so pissed like girl STFU.


Is it just me or do those rock pillars look like the ones from BRAVE 🤔🤔