latte art- this is why i love my job - YouTube

i just thought i'd chuck a new vid together for everyone seeing i haven't put one up for a while, this is basically some of the latte art pours that i pour daily for my customers, i know i may not perfect each pour every time, but even seeing the smile on the customers face even at my attempting to make the coffee look nice and the appreciation and complements i get really makes the hours of practice and effort working on designs worth it, and basically i wouldn't go to work each day as happy as i do if i wasn't getting something more out of it then just making coffee, so enjoy and i will try to get a new vid up soon of the new stuff i am working on

emolgachu 1997

I'm the same. Whenever I hear shouting & screaming happen, I also panic & I honestly feel like I don't want to walk past the people arguing in case for some reason I get dragged into their drama..

Chad Pasterz

Do swimming at the pool

Jovan Mladenovic

I am from Serbia.


Ummm....hmmm....I wonder why this video showed up on the top of my search results for "what makes a psychopath"

your mother homo


Randall Stevens

Excellent, thank you for this!! Your narration is clear, concise and easily understandable.


I love u

Jesus Alvarado

Puro pito y pucha


I believed in you Cody, I have swam for 5 years and know how achievable the mile is. 1 point for team cody

Cooper Brooks

I’m gonna beat one of ur guys records

mr perfect

Why with minion

Carlos Rodriguez

Yo man I love your videos keep them up :)

midnight cheesecake girl

LOL it was a dream

Melodee Cooper

so much nostalgia


What is the point of disliking this video

Gill-Ford, The Lightning

Did this game's graphics time travel here from 2014?

Magnus Nissen

The troll was so real xD

Jesse Hughes

Yes, it's still used in aircraft.


Clearly an attempt at just getting likes and stuff like everyone in the video like says like a lot and like stuff and like. so im like disliking because of all the likes and stuff like like


When you grief someone's house in Minecraft

Aar oo

Wait he was just correcting the game?


Why do y'all think this is so impossible? He could have thrown a hundred balls before this one went it. Oh it went in all right. Stop the video at 0:10 and see it.

bangtan_bunny kookie

Awww thats sad ur mum

Zaryab Khan

0:45 ...😲😲😲 ??? HOW IS THAT SHOT POSSIBLE???

Faze_ Yaal

Where is hazard

Analisa Oliver

10 millon❤❤❤❤❤

I'm not creative so

You guys are the most best at making trick shots


the amount of entitlement some people have. tsk tsk.

awesome girl


Vidula Deneth Salwathura

no no no why did you pull out Sarah im gonna lay down and cry ..

PS: good video 😀

Miguel Velasquez

I duke nukem is a Jason Easter egg



Sports Pickle



at 2:06 you hear someone say "I Hate You"

inner smile


Samantha jane

I’m an addict

Ross D

Could you do a fancy dinner again? My Dinner with Andre's meal of terrine de poisson and cailles aux raisins would be delightful.

Rumo à Riqueza

love songs

Meliodas Dragon Sin Of Wrath

2:29 dat ass

axe beard

Don’t eat meat and really see the health problems start to arise. Your body needs meet you stupid liberals. Believe anything you read. Losers!

Arc Ray

uhh, was that a graphical error with the Nug King's shadow? it looked like he had mostly no ears.

Maichi GLYT

This is a true story, the 911 call is on YT.

Dustyn Bond

Skies and Cole are really the only thing I need in life...

What's Up This Is Serious

The dunwich building* that has a cthulu reference*??

Jhon Rodriguez

Bienvenidos a otro episodio de: 1 like= happiness for the family

Claudia Bogusz

dizzy sports battle

Leonell Mahawan

Katana and chainsaw and shotgun all of those are awesome

Amancay Oliva


Bing Nova

My best friends mother died from a rare cancer. Her mother was one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. My friend gets bullied and has anxiety. I try to make her feel better every day.

Alison May Loves Cupid

I do that all the time. But I keep it t.o myself.

River Fern

lol i call you from the depths of hell!

spencer ferguson

johnny manziel is a joke cam newton is way better 

Football Nation

he should be in the NFL


That fuking moron should get fined for jumping into the crowd he could have seriously hurt someone

Nithish Magician

Human Controller