Learn Colors & Names with Dinosaurs For Kids. Learning Colours with Jurassic World Toys for Children

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I am honest

damn guru, back at it again with easter eggs video under 10 minutes...(please kill me)

Matej Bergant

Everyone Tyler's brother is the panda and it's no clickbate


these guys must utiliz their talent in spacial forces.

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the thing with the little sister and big daddy becomes viewable when you see songbird going down and if you ask me symbolizes about the bond between elizabeth and songbird was the same as them with song bird being the big daddy and elizabeth the little sister.

Isaiah Arnett

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Logan Larson

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SP Garg

Lego structure war should be the next video

EX & Vengence


Rudy Ozuna Jr.

2:46 aw come on I thought it was from the Texas chainsaw massacre

IcY Klaw

3:33 look in the stands that janitor is like what the f*** is going onwoooooooaaahhhhh whuattyes I meant to spell what like that



Valerie S

Alvin is so nervous around her. He kinda likes her and tries to get closer but she’s not interested and keeps shutting him off lol he was leaning for a hug but she gave a high five instead


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Mario Arturo Conde Cordero

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Goofy Toons

I feel bad for the mom boyfriend and the dad

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* Leaves them alone by an violent mother*

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