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Andrea LM

Me encantaaaa ❤️

Will Jones

Black people know why Chris isn't stopping at a gas station at night

riza sagyaman

WowRead more

Shelter Sky

hahaha guys in the alivater sorry i cant spel write

Your Favorite Lifecoach

This is what instagram does to your head..

Kira ForLifexX

I'm only 12 but, here in Mexico there are a lot of teens pregnant, and I think they are increasing. I don't know how they do that being so young. But still some friends have asked me "What would you do if you were pregnant at this age?" When I first heard that question, I freaked out. How were they asking me that? I am only 12 and I'm bit considering in having a baby soon! Or in having sexual relations soon. That question didn't let me sleep for about 2 days, because I was thinking in what I would do. I decided that I would tell my boyfriend, take the responsibility and be the best mother I could be. And that I would do that with or without my boyfriend, but I was still curious about what my he would say so I asked me and his answer shocked me "Well, we would have to take care of that baby to begin" I was shocked because most of the boys would be cowards and run away, but he wouldn't. I don't think I will do it anyways, but if I ever do and get pregnant I'm happy to know that baby would have both parents with him/her.

Illya Busigin

You should add a girl to your team


Cody: camps the whole game

Hh Wolf

That’s so sad, I’m actually crying 😭


This is wii sports all sports speedrunning in real life

Random Eggster

Ever heard about the song bring a drunk girl home

Doctor YouTube

Surprised that Barbarian held his breath for 2 whole years

Luna Cat

Be okay girl ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ i lové you❤️❤️❤️


8th comment!

Caroline Pereira


Miri Admoni


Rafael Angel

My fortnite building is very very bad, so how can I play FORTNITE?!


What the f--- kind of hospital did she go to it took her to be almost dying for them to finally pay attention

Mike Buck

what a great day to be american trump won hoooo yahh

Emad Elbahnasy


pepe banda


Nitin Kapoor

18 bounce

Ben Shawn

the dude looks like he's 60

Brooklyn Parrish

guys... y’all will not see this, but y’all mean the world to me!! I would love too meet you guys so much!! I love y’all and y’all are my everything, I’m going through a rough time and all I can do in my free time to cheer me up is watching y’all videos!! I love y’all, and y’all are my idols. I want to meet y’all so bad. If you see this I want you to know I love you with all of my heart and y’all mean everything to me. also keep doing what your doing because there are kids like me that love y’all and would hate to see anything happen to y’all. i appreciate y’all and how much y’all work, for your fans. I’m sorry this is probable weird but I cry watching y’all because I want to meet y’all so bad :(. please go on tour soon!! I love y’all. hopefully yall see this ❤️. Have a great rest of your day! lololol this is probably awkward but i want both of y’all to know I love you with my whole heart!

mizuhara 水原

Oh, so you're not a troll at all. It's actually a pac-man reference. Being the cheese Pac-man, the garlic the dots and glow dust the star pac-man eats ^^

Raunak Ramchandani

1:03-1:04 is my new ringtone

Nasri Issack

You don't see the plot, but this song got me hyped up! ;)

Joelma Santos

2:19 impossilble

Moolah Kiddos

"Fame called me, I'm like, "How you doin'?"

Brandon Seum

I play basketball to


it's so funny when Howie gets up on the desk! lol