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Winella Krens

When first clip shows up I was like: "no, it's not my dark, bloody cyberpunk" but now it doesn't matter, cause it's look fantastic and under the skin it is my dark bloody cyberpunk anyway

[Dude Perfect] The mighty ☠


The last one though. Oh my.

armored squad gamer /and dark bolt animating

Why does cancer existed...


Umm december 2018?

jude player

The radio was playing a faster paced version of still alive

Lavender Sight

I have pretty much all of these symptoms especially suicidal thoughts

Jr Tulimasealii

These niggas must’ve forgot that kawhi Leonard is a lock down defender wid all his badges on hall of fame

Unknown Clan

Holy shit, didn’t realise you were still around. Just saw you in my recommended. Started watching you 4 years ago. I loved your creepy Easter eggs and always rewatched the videos. Good luck for the future guru


Can i see "it"?

Narek Hambardzumyan

I said “no” now I have 1$


imo some dubs are better than subs. Like the MHA dub is way better than the original purely because All Might with an American accent is perfect.

Noah Hefner

Giv away a gun

Kayaking In a way, you were correct the first time too! Even though Spaceballs is a parody of Star Wars, that scene is a parody of Alien.

Emanuel Ciusa

5 pts shot

Charlie Brownlee

I liked the ending review, but I feel like if you're gonna do reviews do them in complete separate videos, like videogamedunkey does. Even though I'm pretty sure it wasn't supposed to be a serious review more than just something to add onto the video at the end, since there were only two easter eggs. Decent video, and your voice is as calming as ever.

Pineapple Yay

I've met dude perfect



History Bard

Okay. Looks awesome. But why is the official trailer six seconds shorter than the teaser trailer?

Max Browdy


Garvit the boss

2018 any????



Dorthe Olsen


Sara :/

December 2018 if so like Can’t wait for Christmas

Kleansa Susaj



Elsa is Frozone v.2


how long more till its free for apple?

Mike Sierra

Whens "American Edition" & "Europian Edition" & "Asian Edition" Coming? Why only Africa?


I got my iPad at 5 rip

green bean


Totally not gay.


Nothing can be good

エイシャーモンキー D


Mustafa Khan

Who is in the panda costume

Kingcobra 55

Who's watching in 2016?


ty in endless ducker i got 60