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Tall guy code


im on a chromebook right now

Joshua Avila


Nova_ Gacha life

i barley even touch it

jeffery duck

dude your videos are awesome i was wondering… have you found any new battle field 4 easter eggs Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, NoMan'ssky, etc, said hello


just adopt


They're all so nice man!! Lebron is the only ahole who doesn't like Guillermo.

Hervis Daubeny

Yeah, the flour would have been awesome if you had evenly distributed it about an enclosed space and then lit a match... well.. not inside the room.... turns out it's incredibly explosive due to the fact that it is flammable and the fact that it is a powder yields an incredibly high reaction rate with combustion; not too much flour but not too little...  Coal dust is even better...So there, science in a nutshell.

Awesome Dude

How old are you

Kushimaru A

That movements are hilarious 🤣

Sofia Brotton

I think im an avoidant, but i dont get why, i think it has more to do with my school, i grew up spending most of my time there. My father wasnt really around but i honestly didnt really affect me, and although my mom is extremmelly strict, but loving. So bassically my school childhood made me how i am

Alexander the Great

Rainbow six siege outbreak is that you??

Virendra Singh

Hy l an from India l like only dude perfect

fel_hd_ draw


ok not all but like 9/10 are :0

Max Scaccia

video is fixed :(

Jgorby18 Fortnite

I don't think you have the same birthday


Im from the philippines las isla filipinas


My daughter dosen't want to go to school

Raquel Lozada

I play your game


I saw what you did there with the DJ Khaled poster and the video length 7:47

Jasmail Johal

I can't hit a 3

Joel Cristall


It will always come back to you Everyone:


I think that you do a great work your are a very good youtuber. Its allways peacfull to watch your videos thx

Marvin Sapan

Same shoes? Vs houston.

Ya se que sentias

REaPer X

Where are you guys at?


So people in Sudan are being slaughtered, 500 people died and 50 women were raped

Davy D

I luv ur videos, they are very well done. I want to say perfect but there is no such thing as everything is always changing so, great job!

Darth Imperius

Perfect use of Austin's line form the rap battle!

Send Help

Opinion? You mean homophobia

Cade Ramsey

SERIOUSLY Pixar? What's with you guys and This Toyota truck? I love it! Keep it up with the Easter eggs!

Matthew Brucker

Yea panda

Amir Erfan

if you had low wi-fi connection while watching a video try use the directional button on the key board and a game will start

PurpleBolt Clash


pako joe

Kyle has more Purses, Shoes, and Clothes than Me Damn!

Jameson Koolio


Mineback Skyrim

dafuq! 18:46 BEST SECRITY EVER

Chronic Swag

He needed a higher concentration of hidrogen peroxide like 20 percent

कट्टर भारतीय

1:44 I want this car...😍

Cola Boy



the title makes no sence

Thắng Nguyễn Văn

Cặc lồn chim


There’s one thing off. You can’t find players that bad there all sweaty

Beautiful OBBY 123

Lies There Flip Are all Lies Boooooo!!! Tell those Flips To Game theory! Mr Beast Is better!!


What happens to gummy bears in liguid nitrogen

Leif Hunter

Xbox I forgive your profile picture this more then makes up for it

- The Know-It-All


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