Learn To Skate A Pool - Part 1 of 2 - YouTube

the basics of skateboarding a pool. Explains the proper techniques for carving a pool and reaching tile. Created by Eric Muss-Barnes, who brought you the FREE "Learn To Ride A Skateboard" DVD. This is the first video in a 2-part series.



I just realized that this was uploaded on the day Poland was invaded by Germany in 1939.


serious sam is totally a T-800 lol

Danny Garcia

Germany is gonna win

Louise Crow

Are you a quarterback

Treat your dogs and children good, kids.

Jared Morrow


Zainab Tabassum

Me: My head is hurting Edit #3: just hearing this is making me wanna cry. I, so sorry for your lost, and know you will find some one exactly like him one day!

can you make miniature foods too?

Abdllah Sader

I like all

Nutellás süveg



do some thing with Jack Wilshere he da man

Ilyas Harnesswala

u should do a video in India also

Pinky Mixology

I remember trying to explain to someone that the man in the wall with the mustache told me that I wouldn't be able to buy 4x4 posts because if I tried to get them at the lumber yard the horizontal forklift drivers would bleed the black blood on them and it would dissolve the wood. I was convinced really really needed to build that bench to very special dimensions (they were actually standard dimensions that I had got from a DIY planter-bench so it wasn't like I thought I needed to build something impossible). Someone had taken my chalk (sister in law took it with her because she teaches art class and it was kid's chalk) and so I grabbed a piece of charcoal and started marking on the concrete patio where the bench would be. I started calling the hand that got smudged with charcoal "big hand" and my clean hand "small-hand" and that's when I knew something was up since I had done that hand thing before. I went and got a 5th of bourbon and gulped it down over about 45 min to an hour. Dead stop, system reboot. Woke up a whole bunch of hours later. Seems to be work every time one of those days happens. Don't even need an RX for that stuff.


N. No. No n n n njjj n. Nnhjj. Jjhjhj. B.

Lezlie Anne

I'm scared of the pain tho


what about the one at the beginning with the "rear window" easter egg... there's a note on the activities of the neoghbors and an expensive telescope next to it

Ethan hello


Dick Piano

love the way u editted this video and i appreciate u referencing the easter eggs.

Anne Ramos

I have OCD and hate when people say that they have it they are too organized and gets annoyed when something is out of place. Well, I can't barely breath if I don't do some stuff first. I can't cross the street out of zebra. I cry and feel pain ;/ it is just like hell, and it's not funny.

David Lares


Drake r 10


Mostafizur Rahman

Please make a cricket video


December 2018

Giavonna 7

Hey what's your address and you're phone number

Martin Aasa

if u look closly , you see that he's colther are alreaghty wet , BUT ... AWESOME :)

Behdad Baghaei

All hail royal tits 3:40


mike also dresses up like jamese sunderland

A Boy With Crappy Ipad mini 1


Austin Hodgins

He's so proud. I love it.

Mohammed Aa



Cool! Wow! Xd wtf

Like my comments

Can I donate to you plz


Before she passed out, I thought she was pregnant..

JJ Trickshots

Please check our trickshots were just starting out

Colin Gol

Garret is best

TheGamingLlama OG

"Sometimes I Don’t Shower for a Week." I can relate LMAO

Ydfhcg Shbcjc

0:51 Garrett got hit un his balls! Poor Garr

Mason DiDomenico

At 12 seconds you can see Cody dropping his amoe

Carl King

You missed the photo of all the STARS members in the sink where you process the film. It's the same photo from the original RE2

Jake Picariello

Great Easter eggs, great video

Omein hd

Ich will ficken was für katya hol mir Kiely Jenner

Rajamiyer Panchapakesan

12:31 That's unfortunate

Shreyansh Fofandi

Im indian.... and I still have no idea what you said....


I pray for her 💕