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Ella Englehardt


Ben Ognenis

Go to Australia

Chris F

Takes them multiple times but people that hate cant do this in a life time

Alvin Brown

My only question IS HOW THE HEAK DID YOU SURVIVE?? 🤔🤔

BabyPotato Vlogs and Other Crap

Always Outback

Cosmic Comics

But.. This title lies

Connor McCaslin

The top game people came to was Ole Miss and Texas AandM there were so many people that there weren't even enough seats there were 6000 people left standing, and guess who won.................................Hoddy Toddy

💇 — 💇‍♂️— 👩‍🦲

Sarab Atway

camping battle should be the next


The issue with dubs, is that they always seem SOOOOOO FAKE.


Definitely me🥎7️⃣

Rabten Delek

I’m thinking no idea

Eleonora Rambaud Maccioni

Bizarrement c que les gars qui font chier comme ça

Shy Banana

She got raped

Mobili Ludos- English

Rage montser = 25

Geovanni Botticella

Aye shout out to Stuckman Jeremy and Cosmonaut Quickie literally all my fav reviewers

Felipe Viana

chick perfect

Hülya Demirci

l m alper turkish

Lexie 345

wait its not normal to think like this?!

Joshim Uddin


RiverVassi Gaming

I really appreciate that


Wtf 30 second ads


Can you at least blow up my school

Alexxandra Diodonet

LOVE that palette!!!! When I heard you say rainbow I got a little 😬😬😬 I thought we were going to get a James Charles/morphe palette 2.0. Pshhhh James whooo?! It’s an absolutely stunning collection and ur passion is infectious! Keep killin it better than everyone else!

Parisya Nararya Progestian


Ten bill man Ten bill man

Whose watching this in 2019

Putts B Chillen

Doing what they love best!!

Skinny Legend Randi Rodriguez

Every middle schooler when they start dating someone after 2 days

La Vie l’Amour la Mort

It's my boyfriends birthday today.

Louie Marinda Jr.

I’m Praying for Kevin Durant now, tomorrow and future ... Achilles injury is serious injury #Prayers #4KD


no, ubisoft main building is in france, other building are in montreal Singapore and 52 other places, not all for games though montreal Singapore france quebec and few others are focusing on games, but ubisoft is from france.


I mean all the guy had to do was move away from a falling car.

NAV EnterTainMent

was the zombie Richthofen picture a real easter egg

Television news: Mysterious trucks are falling from the sky on people who say no dies 1 lick a cat

Asali Falahati

Insulino diabetic aren t YOU ??