Life Size Raptor Dinosaur Chase & Surprise Toys Egg Hunt

The Park Rangers encounter a life size Raptor Dinosaur while on a Surprise Egg toy hunt. The final egg they find turns out to be a Raptor egg, and the Jurassic dino soon comes looking for it.SUBSCRIBE TO TOYLABTV--------------------▶▶ Subscribe: TOYLABTV VIDEOS--------------------Dinosaur Adventure Stories:Adventures from ToyLabTV:

Crazy Scrib

Shrek is love

Reyna Kirkpatrick

I texted my mom about it once and she said to talk to her if I wanted to try a prescription or therapist, but I can’t bring myself to tell her that. I want to try a prescription but every time I try to tell her I can’t

amy novotny

i think there was a duck in the car at about 2:00 APRIL FOOLS😀😀😀😁😁😁



always love.


That payday thing is so epic, fit for the game.



Lowkey I thought baby Phil was baby Rebecca 😂


1st comment?! UMMM!!... Guru licks eggs... That is all..?

Yuniar Badili

Treding 15 di indonesia gilaaaaa

Sambo Do

Could never trust at teammate with a first name for a last name. Plus with jeans that tight haha

Daniel Weeks

who is watching this in 2017

Khaled Aldribi

i love dp

cesco z

1:03 he moved his eyes 0__0


What was that fox dies thing it was creepy

Gorilla Warfare

Haha the American Dream!

Matheus Lucas

sorry and your presence is my name My name is Mateus Lucas

V.L.C Kid

"Why is that guy wearing pants. it's 105 out" me and my sweaters

Naomi Gonzalez

Hopefully it's about saving the earth from climate change


KOBE Jones

theres a zombie in this game that can appear & it pounces u after letting out a loud screech this zombie could be a reference to a Hunter from Left 4 dead


Polo G killing the game and having a fire music video without any guns or drugs🗣He on a whole other wave 🌊🚫🧢

Christina Primeaux

you need a race track


Canada rules USA pretty good though

Kirstin Opal

Those B role shots, Julie 👏🏻👏🏻

Nindy Siregar

Cant wait to sing along in the cinema

Vanilla girl

i got my boyfriend quites in just one week i just said once that i hate smokers and he quite smoking😊i love him so much😣


0:13 when i just saw this is screamed HELL YEAH cause i lobe assasind creed and this symbol is the ABSTERGO symbol plus i thought WTF that symbol looks familiar its abstergo LOL

Keith Pekarek

You forget yo

Rohith Yangalasetty

4:54 that’s me, except I swish it. 😂


do you find these eastereggs your self or you use sources for these?

NAth John



that last one reminds me of "Nøkken"

Ryan Hay

Ty won by 0.001 second I checked in slow motion

My dad was a psycho I realyzed when my mom was come up to my room and he told me the truth about my life

Cassidy Taylor

30:51. Whatcha lookin at Emma 😂 Ethma is realllllll ❤️❤️

Константин К


Jai Bhagwan Gupta

u guys r amazing

Gãmįñg Wįth Mę

Who would want this game?Me


There is more animation in Tetris...

John Carl de Guzman

That circle thingy made of rocks isn't that from brave? or am i mistaken.

Luke Games


amxu _

I'm jealous when someone says "I'm not scared of death"

Lucy Bellenie-Pope

When I was watching this I saw Nate crying and I am now I in bits. I speak for everyone that we will definitely miss Diamond. Love you both. Stay strong xx ❤️❤️❤️ may she rest in piece xx

Andrew Fitzgerald

Dude Perfect got robbbbbed by Pool Domination.No disrespect to Pool Domination, they were impressive and all, but C'Mon, Man!Dude Perfect will come back strong in the new year!


If you like Joey Lagano 22 reply 0:00

MGRaiden Jack

in the first mission hendricks says "i can do this all day" which is the line of captain america

Its pretty funny because she actually told me countless times i should just dissapear. So basically i was about to do just that one day i decided to kill myself and then she started making me feel guilty with the "what about your familly friends? How are they gonna feel huh? So you re gonna scar everyones lives because of something as stupid as just 'hating yourself' and i didnt attempt it again

Mikyael W