Living with Komodo Dragons | Chasing the Dragon Ep3

Find out what it's like to share your home with huge, venomous lizards! The Earth Touch crew discovers how the residents of the Komodo islands cope with day-to-day life among dangerous Komodo dragons!

Paddy Scone

An easter egg I really liked that hardly anyone ever talks about is the TMNT one in the Bloodshot Stronghold! After rescuing Roland from W4R-DEN, or failing to do so, Tannis will give you a mission to find and kill four mutants who escaped from the Hyperion Natural Preserve who call themselves the Splinter Group by luring them out using pizza, which Tannis says they love! You find them in the sewers in the Bloodshot Stronhold! They all have shields on their backs and there names are Ralph, who wears a red outfit and fights with two swords, Mick, who wears an orange outfit and fights with his hands, Lee, who wears a blue outfit and fights with a sword and Dan, who wears a purple outfit and also fights with his hands! They use the word "dude" quite often and appear to be brothers! After defeating the mutants you can progress to a room filled with switches and buttons, that if pressed in the right order will light up a series of lights on the wall! When all the lights have turned green, their master, another mutant named Flinter, will crawl out of hole in the wall, and then attempt to fight you! After turning in the quest, a message will come with it that says,"References!"

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