Magic Balls - Fence - Educational cartoons for kids

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One of the treasures says "This game is dope as fuck dude"

Poleswarao M

wow mind blowing


Last one killed me xD

Tyler Todd

how hard is it to say f*ck you to the partial owner guy and move on. this is undoubtedly the softest era of basketball we’ve seen yet. remember the team vs team brawls that used to happen?

Deep Emotions V

Off hahah dat lest bit tho

Luna *

Blame Exxon


My school band is learning Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

idkwhattodo bro

In the first 10 seconds i knew it was Elon



John michael

you missed a really good one from the old republic


8k? Who the fuck has a 8k gaming tv or monitor? And most people on xbox dont know what 12p fps is lol. But i dont see the point of adding it if no one is going to ise it. 4k is still the new kid on the block lop. The xbox cant even play at 60fps 1080 lop

Zoey Anne

How do y'all get so many likes in the comment section!?

Chaleee Arnold

Frozen two will be remarkable movie ... “ the past is not what it seems “ you must find the truth .. the truth about how chicken nuggets aresometimes soggy

Mima And The Play Games

0:29 srly? 😂


Hey what ever happened to Ortiz?

Step 8: Enjoy.

(yes they are siblings)

Carter Russell

My favourite snow sport is pelting Tye with snowballs

Tanisha more

pls make a badminton edition and a badminton battle

Spooky _

Daily metro is a reference to metro last light

JS Cuber

Red zone lol

William Wentz

4:33 the rage monster

Reese Kennedy

I knew

Rynex Ereinion


HarveyanRhonda Horne

Im sorry

Michael Salton

Do the Cn tower in Toronto

raw life

im holy like dude perfect


Did anyone saw Ty's ripped pants at 3:17

Kurt Janke


Vicky Horan

U can’t stop these ur absolutely championsI think you deserve 10000000000000 subs


why didnt he show the black canary reference


Thumbnail made me think Felix oop.

Evelyn Boyack


Zeke Porter

I am pretty sure in the greater evil side mission, there is a plants vs. Zombies reference

malaki nichols

Who else watched this after watching the video about panda taking off his mask like if you agree

We don’t deserve you, Guru.

Zoe Charlize

My birthday is on kirmits birthday ayeee

Breanna Jensen

When she said she forgot about North Dakota and South Dakota I was like oof because I live in South Dakota

Ad S

I want to see what happens to Ned after Tyler gets chosen


I have a feeling that the little girl from PPG was made from unprotected you-know-what.


Keep doing stuff like this

Amber Awesomeness

My addiction is chocolate

Mahammed mohand

gamerpro 371 is right

3 months ago ahhhhh okay

Drew Carroll

who's watching in 2024 ?

Waffles :3

I don’t get number 9

Potato Moose

Thats cute.