Making educational videos

How I make educational videos, including lighting setup, sound, camera, and post-production in Final Cut Pro X.

Maicol Garcia

Sigan @amor.alrap1 para que estén ativao con la música 🎶 de ozuna

Wolfy Gamer

U people just come here for the likes

Miner [Oh Yeah Yeah]

:/ wasn’t expecting this by now ummm

Tbh at first I thought she was jelous because her child had the opportunity to learn and she didn't LOL, coz is CERTAINLY seemed that way

zinging and zanging with Faust

The archery swish

Sweet Shit

Let's go make love.

Phillip Meier

Mine is 36

Whisper Gregory

Who else saw the lost dog poster from bolt next to the paper man poster

John Bean

So pixar squeezing the planet pizza truck into every movie is like marvel squeezing stan lee into every movie. and am i the only one who thought the trailer from monsters inc looked almost exactly like the one in a bugs life?

Matthew Kelsch

I hope you realize that faggotxxsilencer faked that video....


It's not a easter eggs The book reader

Jaye Lee

I'm quite sure this video was sponsored by Pringles


Funny video

Chayse B

I thought you had to be quiet for yoga