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Connor Cahill

Like for team Garret

Brody Mack

Oh so Drake can give shoulder massages to a coach on court but an average fan can’t give a lil push??

Linh Tran

the best song in my life

jannah binalay

no wy thats real😑😑😑


Great video! Maybe you will make one about Pixar Theory?



So wired my doctor told me I shouldn’t do anything really that physical like jumping & stuff but did say I can do “light work outs that everyone is DIFFERENT but recommend not to be jogging because the baby can get sick/hurt getting moved so much & will cause some pain & early contractions but do you girl & whatever you feel comfortable with ! again everyone’s is different much love & prayers going out your way for your new little family 🥰


"kill me"

Lucy Brayton

If you are a golfer....... you are Mr./Mrs. Excuses! Everyone has millions of them

awesome #1

I loved my dad with all my heart but he died when I was 5 and he had MS

CJ Neace

They are so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂... lol so funny I almost died

Ango Goblogian

Papa bless guru, papa bless <3

LiL Homie MAN

The browns they need him

Sam Smethurst

Who else realized that they said it was strong then said it was brittle

Diniz tuhfah

i love all the shot its so cool

Robo- films


Storm Todd Howard

Max ! Never Maxin))

Connor Tugwell

Team necklace

On the top of it the option to choose the rulers has been given to the general public including stupid, senseless and absolutely unaware people.




Sometimes I don’t shower for a month

Nicola Hersey

How are these people not professionals, they have the skills to.

The thot Patrol

This why antony left

Sarah Galvaan

Did anyone else notice that this beautiful family is no.3 on Famous Birthdays?

Squeezed Juice

0:37 topless girls really turned me on

ben crellin

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• Lilac Gaming •

Does it mean i'm an extrovert??


the pigs drive any car back to where you got it from, try it, but it takes ages 

Servant to Be

Guillermo is not funny..

Ashish B

Anyone else watching in 2023


Sudharsh Babu

Germany winner 2014 fifa wc

tofu_ bby

This story is nice and different. Not that I love bullying or whatever but its nice to see a bully's perspective its not everyday that we get to see that

TS Gaming

I just watched a super sad vid


Cody and Luke team name is coke