MBBS Abroad Good or Bad. Russia, Georgia, China, Germany. Cost, worth assessment.NEET drop or Abroad - YouTube

Low NEET score. Couldn't make it to MBBS and now are you thinking about going to abroad like Russia, China, Georgia, Ukraine,Philippines , Germany then first get yourself well informed by pros and cons.What is your career objective, Family circumstances and where do you want to live .think about do you have any other options too to be involved in patient care and earn money, satisfaction and respect.ask yourself why do you want to become doctor at any cost?this video will help you to get some insight .watch and read other channels too before getting into a drastically new journey.yoursDr Avyact AgrawalAssociate ProfessorPediatrics and AllergiesEx SRAIIMS New Delhi..to have live career counselling session and articles follow me on Facebook


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