Menarche - First Period Story|Official Short Film|Pradeep Shelke|Prince Bora

Connect With Us OnInstagram Page - Id - contacttrios@gmail.comEvery second girl in India has no knowledge of Menstruation before there first Period (Menarche). We, Trios Entertainment think that a small conversation between a Girl - Family/Teacher/Friends/Community can help her to make her first Period story better.Trios Entertainment salutes each girl out there on this Independence day.Note - Language of the film is Marathi. But English Subtitles are available. You can enjoy watching it with the Subtitles by Turning on the Captions Tab.

Teriq Leonard

Battle hole in the wall


My mom just ripped the bumper off of our car. I came here immediately.


0:24 Elsa’s dumbass thought she was Frozone 💀


Snake's ass is so adorable

hamza khan

Fav part of the vid is 3:53


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John Matakino

For dinner

subscribe to pewdiepie Kid who luvs minecraft

I'm also adopted I dunno who are my real parents tho

Alter Neo

so, what happened next?

fluttershy lollipop


Sahana Sankaradoss

Honestly she could’ve lost her life and she’s worrying about losing her hair. Just saying tho

AG Shark

Jaiden vs some weird incel


Is nobody gonna talk about it? All we all ignoring the most important part of this trailer? The Bad Expo Marker

Star’s Gaminations

well... at least the story isn’t real

King Dededong

"Team morale increased."

Dech Nourtide

The Borderlands one is the best because it makes you re-enact the whole movie trilogy from start to finish.

Logan Hildebrandt



lol, second then i guess :\

Chase leitschuh

2:24 foot almost got ran over

I kinda regret do *Pulls out Samsung or Android*

All Boy

2:08 jordan

Dev D

the most enthusiastic energetic guys on the planet 👌👌

Fresh Peppers

I got bullied for existing. Just because I hate most of my classmates and like to draw really weird things doesn’t mean I should be bullied.

- AboodGamingYT -

Player [293] didn’t stick the landing.

Xall Universe

You are the best youtube channel and should have a lot more subscribers

Banana Smoothie


And i would watch people suffer


Shit in the thumbnail I thought u were a boy

Tyler Maldonado

do a Pixar one!!


I am kind of curious about the nutritious diet he mentions starting at 2:25. Let me know if anyone actually uses his diet in a related fashion.

Mask basketball


Brendan Goedker

Huge fan man keep it up