Monkey Fun Play with Aladdin Magic Lamp to Learn Numbers for Kids with Zoo Animals Fun Activities

Funny #AnimalsforKids Zoo Animals and Barn animals fun play with Aladdin magic lamp in forest to learn #NumbersforKids Forest Animals Like Gorilla, Monkey, Elephant, Panda, Dinosaur and other animals fun activities for kids. #AnimalsActivities for children to learn with #CartoonAnimals #animalsnamesandsounds for kids toddler with zoo animals funny videos #forestanimalsforkidsSubscribe For More Videos Following Link : Us: Blogger:


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Jazmin Baltazar

I have listened to this 50 fucking times in a row

Ezzah //

Miss fuckface xD

Kid Great

3:25 that is from their first ever video

Jacob Bartlett

the ending killed me

Michael Shih

Please do another faceoff


I dont know why but when brody celebrates he sounds like ty? 🧐

Elijah Stitt

No sound


The prime of comedy

Imgood 6158

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No, I don’t think that Coby will ever win

I’m good at Fortnite your not LOL

And did anyone see the piece of meet fly of of Ty’s pizza


5:58 this shit was funny

Nick_ Benk

Cody’s traffic cone did not move because there was traffic🚗

Addyson Garza

I like y’all better than hannie

LnD Carmine

What was that last one?

I aM a bAgUeTtE . bRęÆd

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CoOking mY pAstA

Aka The Flailing Chicken

Ummmm Paper Towns? Is that you?


anyone 2017?

Dee Hippie Mistakes

any one realize she went into the part ofd the forest meredit went to with the stones and the witch from Brave ??? Disney think they slick


things this game should have:

Josh Alexander

U notice their doing trick shot at dphq2

Stan Melzer

I am the tree magnet


gayness just ruins it


They should bring these back

Darrell Banks

Show panda’s real face

D Staff

Hey SAM do you ever use LIME juice on your meats like steaks n burgers while it on the grill??? To me it adds the TANG to it while keeping it moist under the flames

QuakeShake _YT

No way that first shot is right at my middle school NO WAY!


I havent seen the movie, but glad stan made it in. I know for a fact he wouldve loved the movie.

Jaden Rai


MC Noided

Christ Almighty! I always thought that original dubbing is better, but know it seems that Polish version of Charlie Cutter is way better D:

Joshua Warmbier

Like if 2019


One of my favourite movies. Thanks Guru. <3