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gumbui guy representing:p/s : there an error in the video (in minute 1:55)... the file is corrupt. but i decided to uploaded it like that for its uniqueness. sorry for any inconvenience.MONSTER SCHOOL MINECRAFT ANIMATION : -PLAYER UNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) CHALLENGE-NOOB VS PRO BUILD CHALLENGE-DRAWING CHALLENGEFor more video, check out my play list :Doobly Doo - Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License- Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (More "NO COPYRIGHT" music from Youtube Music LibrarySneaky Snitch, Scheaming Weasel Faster & Monkeys Spinning Monkeys BERKELAH BAHENOL from ANIMASINOPALORIGINAL SONG by animasinopalby Black Boiin touch!Follow me on instagram:me on twitter:forget to like, comment and subscribe to my channel.Enjoy!

That one guy

That's better i knew you can do it :D


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Niya Florence

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Chembo Lester

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Great Lakes Magic —- Spells and Subliminals

I almost got a heart attack when dad brought me a card with the butterflies in them. I LOVE them!

Paul Nakon

You’re the best, guys !

Baez EX

Yet another good reason to play Apex Legends

Tibi Derada

Un minuto di silenzio per gli italiani Dopo quella pizza

Josh Gubbins

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Finally able to watch this on the 8th!!! Happy birthday marbles! Happy birthday Bunny!!!

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Always wonder how much time they spend recording that! Amazing

Just so you know.

Ishaan Verma

Wow I am the Anxious type....


I got my first like wait wtf why is it blue ?!


I knew you were British.

Love the first shop!

Joseph Schubert

what is that giant wheel they're driving around in. how much does it cost. where can i find one of them. and how old do you have to be to drive one and are they street legal.

Freddie Vaughn

Apparently running out of ideas.


Please do a face reveal!

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Jannah's World

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Hispanic Mamba

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Think he was blowin white behind the camera ever other take?

Artist: Approaching Nirvana

Adam Delqi


Blair’y Boy

Just me who hates Cody when he names every shot he does it’s so annoying. anyone else find it annoying?


if yall posted this now, you'd probably get so much hate for the "she's a girl" one