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Monster School : STICKMAN & BALDI'S BASICS CHALLENGEThe teacher of Monster School in minecraft Herobrine didn't come to school. And this school visit new teacher Baldi from very popular game Baldi's Basic. How will Stockman, Zombie, Enderman, Creeper, Slime and Skeleton learn in Baldi's school? Watch in funny minecraft animation!#monsterschool #minecraftanimation #baldi #stickman✔️Monster School Playlist: to my channel: the Paw Animation channel you will see Monster School animations in Minecraft and much more, also you can follow minecraft animation and minecraft life. I think you will be very interested to see monsterschool and scary challenge also horror animation and minecraft horror and monster school horor. My channel is like on craftronix and platabush, rusplaing. It's all like a granny horror game. So that subscribe to my channel. Together we will have fun!

Ethan Mcgrath

At least Ty didnt win...


i rmba watching ur first video when it was new haha, u guys are so big time now. good on yous xD


I don't think it's real

Soulja Boy

spelled stuff wrong

XTREME Gamming

hahaha panda 🐼🐼

Jaden luedee

from 0:43-0:45 the panda hits the nae nae

Clayton Bukowski

Give me a thousand tries and I could put the ball in the hoop from anywhere in the stadium.Why do these idiots never show the 999 misses before the retards finally got lucky?

Rachel’s Randomness

Any small you tubers wanna support each other?

Username 606

Them: Give us your money

Yt_Kabel- Riordan

You guys look so different 7 years from now

Good job m8000000


Who is this person? They are amazing! Made me teary.

Motu Patlu

Who has watching this when Cory and Cody has won something


It’s not fooootball player It’s football player It’s like saying American football

Chirag Katariya

Nice cars bro 😍😍😍😍


lets start this journey

Shan Squid

Anyone notice the furry again? If we can get this to the top hopefully James will reveal he is a furry

Yeah... about that...

Mr. DeTrumpet

Bet you won’t sing that song in tune during a live performance

Maximus Whitehall


Helen Walty

This made me cry (‘:


Why Denmark ? ;)

Ben Pham

liverpool is better

Brody Ensweiler

TY I want to meet you your awesome just like Cody

T Mayo

No more excuses KD !! Now your team needs you !!!!You cupcake vagina !!!


keep it funky dude

Blizz Galaxy Wolf

Hello 20q8 hereI’m just re watching some stuff about them :3

Mark Gallagher

After seeing the level of detail in Assassins Creed this looks utterly rubbish.


Bruh I don’t think lil skies knows what deathnote is

Bijan Sheibani

How does this only have 28k dislikes it's literally a lolli girl crying about how nobody likes her cuz she's too homophobic like BITCH WTF


@dudeperfect what? No Ty breaker? Pfft coby got conned out of this battle

Veronica Washington

I honestly relate to the jim part I have this guy that I like and am sure he likes me back but have the same problem and worries as her.

Juan Juan H

People : Hans Zimmer & Alan Silvestri gave us chillsKristen Anderson-Lopez : Hold my beer

TheNinjaSniper Gaming

The twins are my favourite

Stormy wolf

True story

Ethan: dood they dont even look toasted

Dead Memez

Campers always win

Chase Perry

I am 12 I think the same way I think I might be a physco path

Emma Eilish nwn

This is sad about what the kid has to go through...but when she mentioned the word ‘Medicine’...