Montessori Practical Life Activities | Toddler 12-18 months

Montessori Practical Life Activities In this week's video I show you 10 practical life activities you can do with your toddler. Don't forget to check out my new INSTAGRAMLINKS~Child sized broom cutlery cutlery - www.epidemicsound.comSOCIAL LINKS________________________________________________________INSTAGRAM ||| thehiddengemenquiries@gmail.comWelcome to my channel. I am an expat mum living in Dubai. A former primary school teacher and now full time mum.Thanks so much for watching my videos and for subscribing to my channel. I really appreciate every subscriber, comment and thumbs up.

Kim Helps

That was so cool!!!!!!

Ninja hyper as fortnight



This was insane and I'm just snacking on Cheezits hahaha!!!!! :) Even my Dad thought this was crazy when I told him after pausing 15 min into it!

“I got hobbies like singing”

Passionate Patriot

I left High School in my sophomore year,and went to the continuation school to finish . I ended up becoming a member of Mensa. So much for the teacher that failed the kid she didn't like. But, you should have seen the looks when they read my transcript and saw "continuation school".


Tera Baap

After the camera went off, he returned all of em

Alex Fink

my new daily ritual now involves watching this before every major meal :)


Krish Patel

Golf stereotypes Tyler says it is playable



Shubham Kadam

you guys very perfect and crazy just like me.


Matt Garrelts

4:07 #rippanda


Girl you did the right thing then they get touched you right in the garage you should have just slapped him in the face and tell the teacher on him

Kaidin Gebhard

Penny to egg you up

Sukhjeet Singh

Su Acar

My mother also has anxiety and she went through what im going through. She still doesnt understand.

Eduardo Marquez

I really dont like assasins creed. But its nice to watch glitches and easter eggs...

Uzi Lind

So ur telling me ur over 100 years old

Kyrie Irving

That shot,is unpredictable!!!!!!!U are too good,guys!

Galaxia Amy and Seren and The Time Cats

"i was 17 and he was 24" Gareth : ¬_¬ Again?

Paras Dhingra

please do cricket trick shots

Braden W

Brad Pitt isnt fully Tyler Durden though

ritomon z

Its offline or online

Liam Mitchard

why dont dude perfect play football in the NHL

moon wolf gang

She gonna be like bitch bye

Pokemon Trainer Lily

I can relate lol

Matt Stark

@harberwildcat3 hahahahahhahah arlighhttt buddddyyyyy these guys are original only them and legendary shots area good anyone can go out and make long shots its not hard if u have alot of free time these guys are amazing with thier presenation and all of thier ideas for shots everyone just copies them....there are littlerally 500 videos the same as yours these guys and teh legenadary shots are a class all thier own

Zachary Miller

Playing mind game with you!

Joshua Amoro

The last part where there were stones, is similar to the one on brave...

Squidzly !!!!

There is a reference to Snapchat in the scene where it shows all the billboards in times square

Brayden Blomquist


Cyan's Cyanide


Rasmus Ebling

love these guys!!!!!come to denmark soon :Dsong?

Philip Fava

Anyone else notice that at 7:52 it says "GuruKid's Groceries"


I love petite that hurt me because....I just don't have a choice. I've known this people for such a long time that I don't see my life without them also... no one would put up with me other than my friends.

I didn't know about that last one.

Tristan Fay

Me 2018