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Take a peak at my teaching set up for this coming school year!—SUPPLIES USED*A4 Master Slim Leuchtturm: Sign Pen, 12 count: Gel Pens, 0.5 (fine) point: Pens (Candy Pop), medium point: (6 pack): Castell 1.5 point Copper: Smart Teacher Washi: Post-its 1.5”x2”, Marseille Collection : some of these links are affiliate links.This means that if you purchase something after clicking on one of these links, I may receive a small commission; however, this is at no cost to you and I will only post links for things I personally use and love!—PEOPLE, SHOPS or LINKS MENTIONEDAlexandra (teacher bujo inspiration)Instagram: Hope (inventor of the Calendex):Instagram: (more teacher bujo inspiration)Instagram: (Lesson Plan Binder Inspiration)Instagram: & STATIONERY AROUND THE WEBInstagram: @sunshineandstationery( )Email:


Mashiur Rahman Arnob

দুধ পারফেক্ট!

Omar Sandouka

1:11 I like it when someone falls😂


2 easter eggs? Damn. I was expecting about 5 or 7. I hope people keep finding easter eggs in BF4, those are great.

Louise Hall

horse back riding

Akira Alexis Soyra


Jake brandon

No hate, but they need to look the cause of rage monster more like an accident.

Anthony Davis

Eric Knutson

funny !!!


Editor: how much bs you wantDisney: yes

Preetham Preethu


You cant kill original

That's the live definition but it's not happening with all scripts .

Domenic Serra


fun 2

Do one of these with curry or Lebrun please


Molto bello

playz All

Dad perfect

saleemullah Channel


Avery Averyson

4:17 Penguin Porn: Totally Okay in Kids movies. 👍

A large dinosaur like footprint was found on a movie set next to (what is now viking falls) a large hill with a simple house on top,spiraling down.

Steven Erickson

Whos in the panda costume

Sniper_G 12

Damn, that’s cool

ACE FlexShot

Julio Jones please!!!!!!

Ej Badman

It's at 1000 dislikes that's just sad why would you dislike


The music is The Mario

A1 MrBacon

Nice job guys keep it up with the trick shots.