NEW EPISODE Groovy The Martian - It's halloween night! Lucas the spider come to scare the kids

New Episode! Halloween episodes for kids compilation! Enjoy Groovy The Martian adventures, kids!It's halloween and everyone has their costumes ready: miraculous ladybug, witch, zombie, skeleton,... but Phoebe! Phoebe doesn't have any costume! Neither Groovy! Thank God their fathers will bring them one: Wonder Woman and dinosaur costume! Superhero babies, ready for adventures!They go out to have some fun with other kids asking for candies with the trick or treat when, suddenly, Groovy's hypnotised by a smell that comes from a haunted house. Is a house of a witch? Be careful, kids!

Raunakveer Sangla


Oou 79

No Gas Stations at night haha!

dino delage

Dude is sponsored by GOAT you know he knows those shoe prices, that's why he said damn when they told him the total

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Sara Crawshaw

Left over mashpotatoes maybe 💁🏼‍♀️

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common everybody knows the san andreas one

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damb ethan was rude to grayson the whole time lol😂😂


Im watching this while eating

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He should go to the Texans. That's where he is now xD

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Scott McCall is better....😂


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5:56 That was relly creepy screamer...

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Wwe wrestlers try to guess the theme song

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#1 trending in Denmark, congrats


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There is seems more adventure 😍😍


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11 time im watching this

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slow mode Ti won

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4:36 Ty has period =))

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Ricks from Rick and Morty LMAO

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I think you guys are an inspiration because even though your famous your still christian and I love that

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the sound in these videos is always impeccable


Who else though DP stood for double penetration? hahah

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