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Tyler Harvey

@dudeperfect did you guys use the air horn there at American air lines center at 3:39

Jaime Ybarra

I am the person that doesn’t even work out


That lady in GTA V is soo creepy with her face...

Adrián García Marina


Afeef Adnan

19:18 This red van as u see here is the soviet car called "Moskvich",and there are a lot more russian cars situated all over the game areas.

Viking Lars

2018 anyone?

Ibz Lightning

Its better for tricks and awesome

Wura O

we need women in action, we need a dudette perfect!

I Am Roan Gamer

Can you do your your next stereotypes like as airport dentist and hockey thanks


I thought this was based by the colour of infinty stones


Elijah Alonso

Not gonna lie I thought those were the aliens you know xenomorphs for a second 😹😹

Anderson Starr


nia zaman

#34 trending on USA

Mohammed Shoaib

Go to king of animation to watch full episodes of family guy and the simpsons

ok this is a fake video

Len Dog

i got all your games

LittleDavieG YT

This is how they met the panda

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Adriana Reyes

Michael her how do you do this

Komamura Taichou

You Forgot The CoD's tomb in Bf1 xD

The Boss Stage1

Snowmobiles are for sissies

Kingdom of Greater Romania

He reminds me of Voltaire

Bean Burrito Supreme

True True, We as a Society would be Outdated without Ad's

capitan spoiler

laik si no te gusta bad bunny real hasta la muerte bebi .v

quackdealer 420

Whatever happened to the guy who originally said dude perfect?

Popsicle Portals

I watched this video before I went bowling for inspiration. Before you ask how it went, obviously Jason has bowled a few more frames than me. We'll leave it at that.

Kelvin Aw



I 💖 💞 💕 dude perfect music


I don't think if there is a phrase known as you"ll shoot your eye out!

Ramen Supreme

Damn these are some nice ass drawings.

Spisila Pedro


Welichy Chiren

Can I get one