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Learn the sight words; an, at, be, we, to, the, is, it, in, are, and and you.LyricsSight wordsI know them in my mindSight wordsI can read them left to rightSight words There are so many I knowSight wordsThey help my reading flowLook, listen and say the sight worda, n ana, n ana, n ana, n anan , an, ana, t ata, t atat, at, atb, e beb, e beb, e beb, e bebe, be, bew, e wew,ewew,e,wew, ewewe, we, we Sight wordsI know them in my mindSight wordsI can read them left to rightt, o tot, o tot, o tot, o toto, to, tot, h, e thet, h, e thet, h, e thet, h, e thethe, the, thei,sisi,sisi,sisi, s isis, is, isi,t iti,t iti,t iti,t itit, it, itSight words There are so many I knowSight wordsThey help my reading flowi,nini,nini,nini,ninin, in, ina,r,e area,r,e area,r,e area,r,e areare, are, area,n,d anda, n, danda, n, danda, n ,d andand, and, andy,o,u youy,o,u youy,o,u youy,o,u youyou, you, youJack Hartmann's website: to connect with Jack Hartmann on his Social Networks:Facebook: +: can find Jack Hartmann's Music on:Jack Hartmann Website: Mp3: Play: Baby:




cloud gaming??? guess that rules out australia... and half the planet. thought the idea was to increase the player base, not handicap whole continents.

Doing random Stuff

I hate Cory Tyler’s throttle was stuck he couldn’t do anything “ Ah get him out” freaking annoying

big smoke

same :(



Douglas Baase

i bet the cats name is Tyler or just ty


Subs back yes


Or you could get a pc which is just better in every way

50,000 subscribers with no videos

Life as an introvert is so hard and the extroverts don’t understand

isaiah sports

Gucci got the glow

Evade Daniel

Yes he will


1:58 in the background

Maryanne Job

big fan bi!@#

Oscar Maldonado

Alguien que hable español :v


look at all those chickens!


@tjr4141 of course, I was more responding to the folks who were saying he should be in the NFL...This guy has some talent and likely tried or should have tried to play football somewhere

hey its Mars

What shoulder pads are they wearing


Or because hitting a volleyball in a basketball hoop is harder than throwing one

Eymen Erpay



keep clicking 7 hahahahah

Keith Pierce

The googley eyes music is nostalgic

Melki Sedek

1:07 it hink ty ball broken

jordin stafford

At 6:30 I think that dog is smile dog not sure

lilowra X

He wanted to smash and GOOOOOO


You switched the title of the video

Master Beethoven

1:25 Well this is true at the moment to be honest.

camron toney

Im team cory and been team cory go cory




Stephanie Brotzman-Savercool

Tyler is cheating

Xx necati kral 54 xX

Siz prosunuz


Yes, I put that in my Uncharted 3 video.


Tyler is a bird


it curved not real

Bacary Sagna

anybody whos ever tried to throw a basketball really far probably has thrown it and had it curve either left or right because of your hand and/or wrist angle upon release. thats why the ball curves in the video. the fact that the camera is to the side of the shot doesnt help either. haters are just jealous

Michael Daniel

If the building would have collapsed, the masses would believe it was because of the helicopter.

Swoosh Perfect

Do a three point contest in basketball next


They’re playing Fortnite with 5 people ._.

Me : no , because I don’t know you and you would probably be 10xs uglier then the comment you posted *blocks them

RJ's Day

The Star wars AotC one, that's not a mistake...that was just a really good decision :)