New Stand Up Comedy Video - Before & After Marriage | Stand Up Priyesh Sinha

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I thought Travis Pastrana was a Dirt Bike Rider know he is a Nasa Car Driver Really.

Kiran Babu

Guys you are the best in YouTube. I have watched all your video and I have no words to tell you how much I love you guys. Hope you guys bring a new awesome videos this year. And Happy NEW YEAR


Essas garrafas sãofracas porque com qualquer coisa quebra

Dead Channel

Rip panda 🐼 he was a baller


To a seventeen year old mother who was seventeen at the time

Turtle Guy

I am going there in 2 weeks and I am sooooooo exited plus my entire class is going but I dont remember a arcade machine

has some tingles

Kris Gibb

I'm eating toast


I like your voice

melody eary


Drew Harrison

When part 2 is a year after part 1


Warren Strominger

Next super bowl bring me

aisyah humairah

can u guys make react at Malaysia

Sans Man

Here’s the thing about being a Jedi. There’s going to be times were you take a lightsaber to the face. You don’t recover from that. That’s why we do training with whiffle balls.

Fire Panda

That really is messed up for real. WHAT TYPE OF FRIEND DO YOU HAVE?!?!?

Bernard Nelson III

screw you


i like the GTA easter egg:D She hurt my older sister.

Benjamin .Tyrone

We have lost a great panda today :'(

Cameron Sears

No 2017


I like this concept. It's nice seeing something other than cute concepts.


dear guru, Y U NO UNDERTALE???!1?/

That Kid Sarah

Her: "My grades started to drop.."



Evan Vincent

Is it hard to stick a plunger to a wall? Because I feel like some of the trick shots are them just simply throwing a plunger at a wall

JhonFeli'x TV Show

4:18 Garett What are you doing😆😆😆😆😆

We're not gay I swear

Sanjeev kumar

I love it

Chief Kin D-G

7:29 is my favorite part.

And now for every child let’s unite to give them that chance

Is Clara

I fell in love when i was 12...



That’s why better to not have sex before marriage.

Emmely Webb

I Love it soMatsch

Jayce Zubke


I probably wouldn’t be able to go on after something like this and I give my deepest condolences to this girl and the boy’s family.

ceecee smith

Anthony Poopdilla. Literally the only thing I remember when I hear your voice or watch your videos and I’m not sorry about it. 😂

Kolten Pilon

16 bounces

Steve Williams

Hi is not a black you can tell

Alyssa Collier

I’m sorry I’m only at 1:22and I’m crying over the poor dog like I’m actually crying because I love dogs and I can’t take it

AE Dapink

Kalo buat vidio kasih terjemah bahasa indonesia nya donk (salam dari indonesia🇮🇩

liam caracofe



I have a crush

SAP siblings


Killerclown 6685

Film Tom brady

Stevie Stawniczy

Why does the main character keep falling asleep

Tj Avione

Who is dp?

Steve Williams

Hi is not a black you can tell

Alice Laytonsmith

I'm so happy for this boy and I'm so gratefull for my life and my family and friends


i think it also was in big hero six.