Nobel Biocare Symposium 2010 - Dr Mintrone Francesco.mp4

Biocare Symposium 2010 - Dr Mintrone Francesco.mp4

Annalyse _Kilmer

Same Paul, same.


Your the 12 year old kid that plays fortnite on Dr.Phil.

Kooper Ashley

pore coby

No knock to him, but this shows none of that talent. The music isn't in a range he can shine in, and the staging is all over the place so he can't get into a groove.

Alex A

Since he played fortnite, hes probably a virgin

Chandler Chandler

I like Steve Kerr answer lol

Vincent Balsimo


staff moral increased

Dereck Luckadoo

I see the vehicle at the beginning I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!

Alf B.F.C Football


Marvels Spiderman

Strait thought she about to confess love.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Rex Noct

ive been in the cabin so many times and clicked on that carpet, how tf did it not hit me that that was a dude reference...

Noah Seaner

I like what you did with the rules of the battle-You use "it" then lose "it"Can't believe I watched this video 6 times to figure that out

beau stewart

Whaching in 2017

Brady Wojcik

At 5:23 that was cool


6:00 Guru's Book of Secrets.

Sir Prize

So 20 years later, JB plays the role as Nathan Drake. Well, shit.

Want Kill

Kim bilir kaçkere uğraştılar

kim chii

I love you, Guru! ^w^

Zaptube ZT

5:08 Cancer is for people who are like 50

> He roars a mighty roar as he fills my butt with his love

Bigkhai44thegod 2

How do you lose your I balls

Also, I kinda h8 puma a little,

Diego Devars

I really love Just Cause.. Panau was good but.. Was ugly as fuck.. Desert and snow.. Then desert again.. But this one looks kind of cool.. And I love how they changed everything and not just copied and pasted stuff..

Venmar Presnillo


King Chris



I'm not trying to make fun of you but you probably jinxed it by saying "I hope it opens".

Chad Mulligan

Boo man! Horrible coverage! Where’s the F@cken crash site?!!

Mike Cool

Team Cory should win

I Know You

Many, many easter eggs, and not one of them reference Mercenaries 2. I would have accepted Mathias Nelson's face on a billboard or something, just anything. Am I the only one that thinks so.

To Eazy

I’m early

Dylan Skinner

My dad is genaral manager at champaign illinois sams club

Betina Almada

No mames



Jaguar Jack


Austin Jansen

Ok if u homeless how u make the videos

oExotic OG

Never stop doing YouTube dude your awesome and I can't wait till you hit the big one mill!!!


Brazilians like United States and Canadá, Americans like Brazil and the Brazilians like United States ( ok, i know, i know, my english is very very very bad, but, I'm Brazilian )

Kyle Himes

No sound

Yogita Verma

That's our hulk

No he olvidado ese momento que te tuve a mi lado

Sadie Devente

Hey guys can you make a new video. Can it be all of you guys 1v1 in fortnite!🖥🖥💰💰😎


I like turtles i gues.


فكيو يميري

captain lego

Popo ta spate

Kokichi did nothing wrong

I wore the same type of clothes as her and damn those things belts are heavy and the headpiece feels like a rock in your hair

Uriel Torres

its called a gym

Just Cat Nat

I didn't know what happened to Rachel F. But now I do

I was never a good Rapper....

Boxsz JP

I was subscribed... but when I lost my phone and got a new one iWas unsubed

Dollie Williams

Red tem