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Brian Waldorf

on the Coby trust shot on the right of the screen after the shot it did a loopty loop again

Boy Diamond

Indonesian or English people

Matt Vogel

you cant use 2 hands in kanjam

Adrian Valerio

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well... "that´s just your opinion"

arthur graf

in walking dead a friend of the governor was named heisenberg


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Yahya Yz

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julian zhou


are you not found easter eggs in games try in garrys mod

Mhmd Safasefat

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Elizabeth Ardi

who else got the chills

AlinaM 67

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Blue Panda

That Mariana Joyce ending

u ratwat

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Go Dak Prescott

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emilio soto

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Tonya Kernodle

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Brian Rodriguez

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Jewel Gonzales

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Sticky Animator 655

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In costa rica my country they made open borders onece, then enter a lot of ofganized crime form other parte of centroamerica, it really dont help my country, and the "normal" approuch on i igration its working fine

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Caleb Yazzie

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Sachin Nikore

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Lord Tachanka

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Angel Rodriguez


True JRR

Nice Easter eggs guru. :D how did she take the picture?

Dustyn galbraith

That scared the sh@$ out of me.

sassy lovee

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Rizali Ali

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Aaron Rai

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