Pak Media Compare India VS Pak Elections and How Foreign Media Don't Trust Pakistani Election

Pak media discussing about Pakistan general election 2018 and while discussing it they comparing with Indian election. Pak media also talking about how the foreign media saying Pakistan election is rigged and don't believe it is fair and free.

denis tulin

Five yrs later

I've lost so much and feel so miserable, but I also feel like no matter how hard I try, i'll never be happy.

Selah Quinn

You’ll shoot your eye out is from the movie “A Christmas story “.

Dionna's world 2.0

I think that he should not relay on Curry so much.Curry is human, HUMANS GET TIARD! PLUS! He did score one of the last 3 point shot to save the game so he DID do something.



saddo khadim


Rubel Linus

Fuck how much will this cost

Metalic Wombat

he missed the cole train runs on whole grain one


Your mlb!!!!

I'm sure it's delicious. And I would sure like to eat one now - this channel always makes me hungry, but IMHO the best thing for beautifully cooked, but cold cuts of good steak is a kick ass cold sandwich, with additional ingredients of choice

Ma i’m famous

Melih Yuce Kilicarslan

Guysss please make videos more often

Memezy Gamer

4:62 Tylers aquaman

Miguel Campos

make another paper air plan video


I like i’ll dig a hole for him to be dropped in make his life miserable I remember as the dream went on that we went on crazy but fun adventures. And that we once trusted a true-blood, a human, big mistake. That human ended up killing us.

Andreas A.

1:30 what the name song Wizore used ?

Gia Favis

Hit or Miss

Ludus Jake

A shit scary Easter egg in FEAR ? I would have never have guessed lol The whole game is one long anxiety attack for me.

Jarred Mueller

Tony Ferguson the type of guy to break your face

Hawks Pride

You should get Cody Berlinger and do baseball trick shots


Y bad cars

The masøn Søund


Fletcher Semple

Ty congrats


No Arstotzka In UC4 ?

Oscar Castillo

You should do let trash can reciept decide what I eat for 24 hours

Dope Terminator


Nathan Traxler

Hey u guys should throw a ball off of the Golden Gate Bridge and put a basket on a speed boat.

Viki76 L

GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brenda McDonough


Queen Avery

I am now use waiting for all the theory’s that are coming out that are about this trailer

I hope this girl and her dad get well soon❤

Kuljinder Chawla

I am so sorry for u and...

maria magiba


Zeynab Omar


Sumang Ronalyn

Wow this amazing


Someone explain this please step by step

Chandler York

i dont get the fastes man alive one

Mr_x 1992

5:30 like in Crysis 3

Leslie Catalino

Nice vid but he didn't really save your life he just helped you a lot

Liam Harper

"It was one of the most horrible thing I ever saw, and it tasted just as bad" - Ethan Klein 2019 on his experiences during the birth of his son.

craig krueger

what game at the end was that from?

The AwesomePossum

At 6:07 Garrett's in the background


Does black ops 1 have an easter egg

Logan sombody