Percentage Trick - Solve precentages mentally - percentages made easy with the cool math trick! - YouTube

Percentages can be done mentally both accurately and rapidly using this cool math trick.Become a genius in no time!

I am thy hooman

shes not your real mom by blood but emotionally like a mom a real one? :0


Yep I don’t like her parents 😊

Mats van der Made

That people who Saïd 2 Year’s ago like i am watching this in 2018🤨

Finery Junk

And is really great at trick shots


6:18, he isn't david, he's henry

Fløra -Chan

I want to be a boi for not have boobees and period @-@

Ava T

should i send this to my mum?

Mayaba Sanoe



Any body check if Cory has a concussion

T.E.M !

why is this like my life story???




Please keep doing videos like this! They’re so wonderfully helpful!

Ashi Neko

I feel depressed because of my family..And if I told them I would be judged

I love your videos,you deserve more subscriptions, your easter eggs definetly I did not know the most of them they are all great! And thank you for not commenting your videos,not because I dont like it,because Im Spanish and I dont understand english pretty well and I can read your subtitles that you put in each easter eggs ^^

GoldGuy GT

When’s the next episode coming?!?!?!

Zachirus Z

I didn't come here just for the easter eggs but also for the music...Shit's real good man!


yeah, it was the ball rotation being why it curved. thanks for not being retarded like everybody else :)


I am a huge potter fan

p i n k y p r o m i s e s

I have anxiety,it's really hard to manage my anxiety. I also have depression and I almost seek help but my Mother prefers to not seek help. Anxiety is like overthinking,I always ask myself "what if I hurt someone?" "Will I look like I'm a attention seeker?" "Will people hate me because of that?" That's how anxiety is like,it was really hard to manage it,imagine yourself in this mess. It's like living in your own filth.

adria nola


Joshua Roth

anyone waching in 2019?

Chantelle Reactions


*do something that makes u feel books ....listen to songs .....spend time with family......and the most important thing of all is to knw ur importance...and yaa everyone is important and has something unique in them....💛love urself

Getsy William

Polly is a true saviour 😁

Romain Richards

i noticed a bo1 easter egg if you play unlock by cheat or complete whole camphain you will find pictures wich reprsnets moder


I love bowling


song list in videos please?

Myiah Bandz

One like=one step colser to eliminating sexual harrasment off the world

Mayfher Amancio

Demasiado duro

The Lauris

Make the novus trichshoots ! ;)