Pingu: Slipping and Sliding - Clip

Grab your galoshes because Pingu's on the ice in twelve slippery stories! Like some little penguins, Pingu thinks pranks can be fun, but when the sleds are turned, he learns some important lessons. There is plenty of fun for everyone in these exciting tales!



Young Biscuit

Who new they would be at 20mil subs

Sadia Fahad

I do hack in dude perfect 2


Anyone in 2019?

Only because of his sans shirt


nice video dude

I constantly was thrown in a cycle of depression and suicidal thoughts, to these random bursts of energy where it felt a thousand ideas were running through my mind each millisecond to say the least!

Pet Zone

Anyone else just new from the start that it was JK rowling


do you hate when people ask for likes? Like if you agree


Hey Love the channel always have & have to say that you seem very weed friendly so to that I say Thank You 🔥💯👌🏻

IronHansSmithy Live Streams

to know if u are british.....u clicked on this video hoping you would see them KICK a REAL fottball around haha xD



lyle reiff

someone in my class lost their dad and I think it was 1-2 weeks before Easter


You missed the Easter egg that Peter's principal is the son of the Asian wolf pack member from Captain America (he has a picture of him and his dog tags on his wall)

Landon Olsen

The music in between sterotypes sounds a lot like the bass solo in smooth criminal by Michael Jackson

Owen Budd

She deserved all the bad things she got

I'm overreacting...

Maks Kuskovski

Just imagine how cool that would be!

Lila Mistry

Jaiden: WHAT THE FU-

Minuet Bautista

fucking sickening

Dylan Hazelbaker

Did Tyler actually write the signature or was it already signed

Mr. Savage

This video probably got claimed by UMG at the Girl Jams part

Christopher Reifel


The Vlogster

Bro things in slowmo

Mimi Star

Love the vid here

Brooke the cat

The real question

Tanki e

It’s not really asmr if it has loud ass music in the background

Grey the Wolf

5:49 | Could someone explain to me why there’s a car at the top of the screen...?

Oliver Guerra

That dude probably has one of the worst haircuts of all time