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You should do another classic games episode. Loving the Easter Egg series! :D


I saw that luke was wearing a undertale shirt of sans I'm just happy..😁😁😀

Doesn't mean much though when your health declines

Blue Dragan

I love Russell because he is my favorite player and I also love the Seahawks

cool beans

I'm so glad you're better💙 may you continue your journey through life with a strong heart and with your head held high, and may you grow stronger out of every difficult situation. God bless you💕

Ain Lerato Michele

I dislike Jennifer's attitude so much!!!


Oh wow! This was awesome! You should do more anime voice acting!


What system was this for? It looks more fun than modern COD

Hardeep Mankotia

Tyler you are best as you win always

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Ivan Nunez

Sois los putos amos

No puedo detenerte, pero si te vas, llévame contigo 👕

Lay Lay

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Samuel Esparza

Isn't it Hood Safari?

I had to pay tuition fees

Malika Diza

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Heather HUNTER

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pokemon tmnt lover

My favorite shot was owen trying to bottle flip


Volt Vortex

“That’s a lot of Trust!”

Keren Ceballos



ONCE fighting ! U guys promised u will support TWICE 4 ever !!!

wish u

“ I can’t remember how old she was..........she was a very stubborn 40 year old lady.”

The Spooky Burger

4:54 Chief: “what’d you just do?”

Chris Boyea

Where's garret


is that map for a dlc



Sean Miller

Sam I never enjoyed cooking until I found your channel. In 3 weeks I think I've made 7-8 of your recipes and ALL of them have been big hits with the family. My gf and I even visited your restaurant the other night. You and this channel are freaking amazing. Thanks for all you do! Only question, as a San Diegan, where do you get your meats from?

Bobby Twotrees



Cool man

Kelli Borjas

You eat 💩💩💩💩💩 ok


Anyone know the song playing in the background