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Brandon M. Hernandez

next time use aluminum powder instead

Chase Kratz

Good video from kaden and Kolton best video kratz

Maggie Franklin

love you coby you are my favorite!!


his penis have shown 0:29 😂😂😂😂😛

Ãķï Love

Why can't you just adopt.....?

Dinosaur 410


Amirkhan Shavkatov

Dude perfect: longest bow and arrow shot


One of the things I love about this channel is that you always warn us about a jumpscare. Something that man channels don't :D

Skank Hunt

I can't make it through a full video because the music is so terrible


We're you at the 2014 Liberty bowl Texas A&M vs Wvu

Vitor Barbosa Cardoso Dos Santos

Sou Brasileiro eu conheci o trabalho de vocês hoje, quando vi o vídeo de vcs na NFL, e já estou acompanhando o canal de vocês e gostei bastante, será que vocês poderia colocar legenda nos vídeos porque eu não entendo nada de inglês. Pfv, hoje vocês ganham mais um fã Brasileiro

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Rajas Umalkar

Lol just name it New Amsterdam.

Elisa Hutt

Those little rat basterds!

Snoopy Mclion

And you already know that there is an Easter egg in this video... I just blew my own mind

How people follow this bewilders me. The deception is huge, this here is what u would call false idols this is real these poor kids follow this trash. Study the lies they can make new lies up study the truth n you'll know when a lie comes stop following these false idols they just make u hate your life wake up people please

Elana Frank

Ok, they're making out and stuff and they can still hang out in his room! WTF!?!?

Patrick Ely

anyone else find this after watching pot growing videos?

Cpt. Crunch

Is it me or do they look like soildier67 in the masks


I found all of these not knowing they were easter eggs

Aleksandra Machura

0:35 i'm sorry but his arm looks a little bit broken ;-;

Raksha Patel

and I love dude perfect too☺


how you discovered this specific order?

I'M WEIRD Keith: do you think OJ did it?

Jimenez 12.02

Tall guy, Weird twins, Purple hoser. Moving on to Overtime. Tall guy, Weird twins, Purple hoser. Now we’re moving on to Overtime

Abbigail Brinton

u CAN adopt. u know??

Lazer Wolf

i got struck by lightning...

Beast Kid

Na na na goodby

Sifia Sof

I'm live in Brzil


You forgot Q*bert on Riley's hockey suit/shirt

little potato

Life is hard

Kuro Tuomet

Where are u from guys??

One of the box that imprisoned "Mother" looks like a companion cube from Portal

this is my cat

Just join a new lobby

Alexis Patiño

A bullfight for half time 😂

Me at first: Ew.

DC Trip 2019 Vlogs

A one piece isn’t a bikini


the only one I knew here was the Metro 2033 one cause I've played the game like 7 times, other then that, good work!

Maggie Hogan


Depresse- Bts Ultra-Mega-Happy

Her outfit is bomb amirite?

Playing Unique

People do bad things till bad things happen

Admiral Ackbar

The rapist 3:52

ainil mansur

Coby : MinionTyler : Optimus PrimeCody : TMNTCory : Hulk

Umut dayss

Türkiye 🇹🇷🇹🇷

Card Trickster

Can you add (whip)cream on aegg😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂