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Ethan Nichols


Sekruno /:

January,12,1964:Date of birth

Alex Montesano


David C.

Yellow jumpsuit was pretty smart choice of gear...this looked like a lot of fun.

Me who is now 13 years old finally realized that not the idea of escape from home and hide in the forest but the motivation of how other peapule go throught worse things than me .

shaikfarhan swimmer17

Builder base will miss u a lot builder be back soon

Needs more Soundwave

yeh they hid it but its an actual part of the game like in certain games such as fallout where you have to find something to unlock a unique weapon. id say an easter egg is a reference to something but doesn't actually affect your game its just there for the lulz. so i agree with dragonkiller

Swishing Sibs

Subscribe to my channel if you want to see sick trick shots⬅️

Leo Oaso

where is this? at 1:20

A Bender

Everybody just shut up with the year watching comments

David Yin

seems like they dont browse youtube

SheepKing Baahaa

Why din you use the buuble gun at the LOST monster?


Cody sounded really cute when he said what's a mojo

everything black

Maybe i'm having anorexia shook

belugfuter_ yettie


Darrell Wiegand

The shotgun shot was amazing

-The One That Shoots BSODA

Black &White

Pillow fight

Natalie Mink

I am sorry incredibly sorry for your loss, Jeffree. Sending you lots of love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😢


whoop! Aggie power baby!!!!!!!!!! Epic shot man, epic.

Manisha Parte


2- let them put makeup on the person's face and wear it for a week